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Dog Poet Transmitting…

Inside my mind the area around February; but mostly February, has been sending me alert signals for some time. It’s not personal alert signals but more to do with world conditions going quantum (if I can put it that way… and I did). Things pass through my head like trains in and out of a station. I have a new way of looking at them now and it beats the old method, which was often reflexive. Everything means something but the meaning isn’t always on the surface or it’s symbolic, the way dreams are.

Last night on the radio show (now available for download) I talked briefly about something and it ties in with what I’ve opened with. I was saying that a lot of the discomfort and uncertainty that some of us are feeling is not our own but is what we are picking up from the population through our increased empathetic awareness. It’s an important point. Interestingly, an astrologer friend mentioned this same thing to me a week or so ago. It’s important to be able to separate your feelings from the ebb and flow of the ocean’s courses.

In some ways this is like what happens with the Web Bot linguistics system. They draw their projections from the web which… is also an ocean. Our little personal inlets connect to the greater ocean of surrounding souls in the encompassing mind. We are not independent of it. A few decades ago, the term ‘vibes’ was ubiquitous and there was an extended awareness of it in certain communities of kindred souls who may or may not have ever even encountered each other but who all drew the same meaning from it. Vibes are a good thing to pay attention to but it’s not nearly as effective as if you have the right understanding of how to interpret them.

Being a lighting rod, or an open channel, or someone who has pushed out on the boundaries of what is generally understood as the personal self, are likely to be getting all sorts of input these days. I realize now that that is what has been responsible for some of my wild and uncomfortable rides over how ever long it’s been happening. The flash of this realization automatically brought that end of things under control… for the moment… heh heh. Seriously, it was a pretty impressive breakthrough as these things go.

The powers that think they are the powers that be are not the only seeming concern that we have. They may not even be the primary one. Of greater importance is our willingness and faith in being able to adapt and also …not to react. There are other considerations also. A revolution can be a scary thing but so are earthquakes or a powerful storm. They don’t come out of the same dynamic even if the same pervasive governing awareness is behind them both. What I’m trying to say is that you might have too much focus on one consideration and wind up caught unawares by another or even another. This is one reason not to spend your time constantly troubleshooting your life and trying to protect yourself from one thing when that might not even be your primary concern.

This is the single most compelling reason for anyone to put themselves under the protection of a higher power. Some doubt the existence of such a force but when you question them on it, you find their greatest doubt is related to traditional definitions of it and the observable hypocrisy of those who presume to represent it. You can see dark forces at work just by spending a week as a cultural anthropologist in any large urban setting and probably even in a small town; passing in and out of the various places that people congregate. Sometimes they aren’t dark forces but just something you don’t understand or something that affects your present construct of what defines morality but… sometimes it is certainly a product of what (for lack of a better word) can be called dark forces. Yes, it could all just be the outworking of Karma and maybe things only become what they are when we define them as such. After all, ‘Adam’ translates into ‘names of things’.

Regardless, everything in the relative world is counterbalanced by an opposite so there have to be light forces as well. It’s even scientific. We know our eyes operate within a general bandwidth. It’s not a leap of superstition to assume that there are all sorts of things that exist beyond that bandwidth in both directions.

I’ve presented some things to flesh out an environment. We’ll move away from all of that now and back into wherever it was when I started.

One of the readers pointed something out over at Smoking Mirrors yesterday about a woman who worked in a store and was so proud of her son going into the Marines. He said something about how it should be hoped that he doesn’t go to Afghanistan and she replied that he was absolutely going because someone needed to defend our freedoms and yadda yadda. I often forget how many people there are out there who are caught up in various delusions. Even when you’re not simple minded like this woman, there are a lot of ‘oh so clever’ people who are striving to amass fortunes or scheming night and day about all manner of things. They are no more aware than this woman of what the present adjustment of the archetypes portends for them.

Awakening is not optional. It’s mandatory. Those seeking to awaken are in a far better position than those who are not. It’s a matter of degrees. It’s a matter of what it’s going to take.

I mentioned the other day that my bank cards no longer work. I went into town today for something and thought I would check on that. Curiously, the amount you can withdraw has now been cut in half. It still wouldn’t give me any money.

I get the distinct sensation that the next thing they are going to go after is the food so… it wouldn’t hurt to have a lot of beans and rice around. You can live on that and even make a host of different dishes with some various spices and probably cornmeal is a good addition.

We all wonder what it is that would make so many people in power around the world behave in similar fashion. Surely they know that so much of what they are up to is wrong. I’m not talking about the psychopaths. They do it ‘because’ it’s wrong. I’m talking about people who have different degrees of humanity that flares up now and again. Why would so many people cooperate in a system that is out to get them? Like I said, more or less, there’s a dark side and a bright side; both extensions of the same thing but different. In order for them to secure their positions and to prosper in what they do they had to make an arrangement with the dark side so… whatever they do… that ancient intelligence is there and it justifies (inside their minds) whatever they do as the necessary end. Whatever they are thinking, it is thinking with them and it finds whatever is needed to make the irrational seem rational. They are under a spell. There’s a purpose to all of this. The powers that think they are in charge are not in charge. It’s not really us against them. In every case it is us against ourselves and once you have sorted that… there is no them. There are just a lot of bewildered people who don’t know what they are doing but think they do.

Now, I can either look out for myself and my loved ones or I can let the one looking out for everything look out for me too. This doesn’t mean being stupid. I will take some reasonable steps because I’m bring informed to do so but that will all happen as it happens. What I am not going to do is panic or become insecure because that is not necessary for me. It might be necessary for some because it might be tied into waking up. Think of it like a nightmare that is responsible for making you sit up in bed.

I’m not saying anything directly here. I’ve tried to paint a partial graphic for which everyone else can fill in what applies to them. Though our ultimate destiny is the same, our relative destinies of the moment are as different as our locations …but we can all be served by the same higher mind if we will permit that. I’ve mentioned, ‘Nipper, the RCA Dog’ before. There’s an old commercial where a dog is sitting by a Victrola with its ear cocked to the speaker and the caption reads, “His master’s voice.”

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.