The Living Scriptures that are Vibrating in the Secret Chambers of the Heart

Reflections in a Petri Dish — August 28, 2015

Early morning European edition
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We don’t know why we go off in strange directions every now and again. Our recent posts have been solely focused on the divine and then we took a big segue yesterday and now we’re in that chariot with her coming around the mountain after circling that landfill of contemporary culture that lies at the bottom of the mountain and circles it like the one in Guatemala City  We have a few more details about the human cost of that dump.
This is what life is like in all those forgotten bad Karma zones that we hear about and then Game of Thrones comes on. On the other side of the coin in the Shake and Bake, instant manifestation locations of the west we have a different view of garbage and we are devoted to making it out of ourselves; some of us.

We hammer on about Materialism here because of its profound impact on our lives. Some of us may not be materialists and an argument can be made that we suffer even more than its devotees. One might say that regardless of appearances that a pig is never happier than when wallowing in feces drenched mud. Those of us without this particular addiction are not made happy by the sight of marching armies of mindless consumers that will march right over us if we don’t get out of the way.
Our biggest problem is that there are fewer and fewer places to go where the culture is more spiritually based. I live in a pristine jungle garden but I have to get into my car now and again and drive into the shopping culture. I sit at the lights surrounded by other cars. The telepathic hum of human locusts resounds on the telepathic trampoline of my consciousness. Sometimes it sounds like legions of Taiko drummers. It’s always some degrees hotter there because the press of humanity (euphemistically speaking) and machines raises the temperature. Underneath the seeming order of bodies coming and going, a rage smolders. That also brings the heat. There is a rage pressing toward ultimate incandescence. It is all about fire and heat. This is one of the larger byproducts of Materialism; heat and fire- the fire next time- the fire of out of control desire raging and it is all in the mind and so the mind is on fire for the objects d’art of Tinker Toy world and all those sim cities.
Why is there a smoldering rage? It is because the desire generated cannot be satisfied and that is why those who engage in recreational sex cannot find fulfillment because without genuine emotion there is no closure. Orgasms are brief drains of essence that have the endurance of a fast food diet and this is why it gravitates toward pornography and perversity. The mind imagines that if it just pushes deeper that satisfaction may be found. This is the drive in bizarre piercings and full body tattoos.
I’ll share something about continence that may or may not be spiritually appropriate but I indulge all the same. The secret to true continence, like the secret to everything else, is in the mind. One is not continent simply by abstaining from sex. One must control and direct the imagery in the mind and route the passions into the love channel of the heart. If one can do this then remarkable events can occur when one sleeps. In the last weeks I have been transported into the most etheric realms of the subconscious. I have enjoyed beautiful pastoral exchanges with divine houris, all of them personified as prior objects of my affection in this life and previous visits. If there is intimacy and romance it is of a level that transcends anything I was ever able to accomplish in the shadow world through which we pass. The degree of satiation is beyond the capacity of words to express. The conversational exchanges are like a form of touching that reaches places I was unaware I contained. Let us leave it at that.
I have been in the most enchanted vales of the Six of Cups. I reached states of real beauty, the like of which was never accomplished between us in life. I danced with Svargo and Sally and Candy and others in the glimmering bowers of Tara and she was all of them in the time that they were there. We like to put a familiar face upon the ineffable.
Do yogis and mystics and spiritual teachers warn against such fascinations as a hindrance to true spiritual progress? Yes… but there wasn’t any sex. It was something like sex but it hasn’t been sex so… I’m in the clear (I think). Though I have had experiences like this in the past, since my assault, the frequency and clarity of these events has intensified to a palpable (accent on palpable) extent.
I am sharing this because it is available to all of us and in these times it can be preferable to having to toreador with the insufferable egos of male peacocks and hysterical damaged women who are looking for revenge on the ones who came before you. On the one hand you are disposable and on the other hand you’ve been disposed of. Without a sense of self worth, you are made incapable of a higher sharing and in some cases you gave that up because you couldn’t process your loneliness and on the other hand it got purloined through the violation of your trust. To be necessarily crude at this juncture, we all get fucked out of our innocence because we are all in a separated state. How wonderful it can be when we can accomplish unity within. This is the definite and certain result of transforming the reproductive fluids into Ojas.
Here is a detailed and exhaustive treatise on sexual sublimation in clear and understandable terms.
My system of aspiration and spiritual pursuit are based on testing. I prove things out to myself. “To be objective is to employ empirical, rational, and scientific methods of inquiry to the topic of discussion, or if you will, any given subject under consideration. On the other hand, the term subjective signifies the personal, passionate, and practical approach to knowledge.” I do not have to prove things to others. That is their job. Some of us are inclined to take even the most absurd things on faith. Others are inclined to weigh and measure as far as possible before the whole thing becomes metaphysical. Love goes where the mind cannot and love possesses many a tool to measure and comprehend that which the mind will only find itself in conflict with. The mind is the closest it can get to truth and understanding when it is stilled. This makes it possible for the mind to operate as a mirror.
You can find all of what you need to know in the teachings of any of the great faiths but… how do you locate specifically what you need personally? Does revelation occur when it needs to or do the words crawl like worms across the page? There are two scriptures in every faith. There is the dogma and there is the revealed. It is my belief that the essence and truth of all spiritual teachings is inscribed on the human heart in living vibrating magical letters. I believe the real bible is written upon the walls in the secret mystical chambers of the heart. I believe that through devotion and directed Love; like a flashlight illuminating objects in a pitch dark room that one can activate that area of one’s being that is able to interpret the timeless message of the inspired transmission of the ineffable. It is all within us. It is concealed within us. It is hidden beneath the overlay of appearances, beneath all the bewildering complexity of false assumptions made and also impressed on us before we were capable of objective thought. We must free ourselves of these. We must burn away these curtains of darkness with the passion of a divine yearning that ignites the spiritual fire which consumes them. Which passion are we disposed to ignite? The choice is always ours.
We get to this through a recognition of all the disappointments that brought us to the necessary awakening. We get there as a result of all this inexplicable suffering we go through and which we cannot understand the reasons for. We get there when we come to understand that there is nothing else worth our time and trouble because everything else has let us down; left us impoverished, bitter and divorced from true reality and pursued by indeterminate shapes of fear that inhabit the false world we somehow found ourselves living in. We begin to live in the real world when we ourselves become real. Everything around us becomes a projection of the place we are coming from. What we hunger after drives us and consumes us until we become it..
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