My Crusade Against Psychiatry

by Katherine Jaconello — ( August 26, 2015

Katherine Jaconello and her mother on Mother's Day, 2013. Click to enlarge

Katherine Jaconello and her mother on Mother’s Day, 2013. Click to enlarge

In 2000, my mother was hospitalized, and then involuntarily committed — all because she had a dream of suicide while drugged!!
My mother had no history of psychiatric care. She was the main caregiver of my sick and elderly father. Her family doctor gave her a sleeping pill when she had pneumonia and she had side effects – a palpitating heart.
At the local hospital emergency, she was diagnosed with anxiety. She had NO SUICIDAL IDEATION. Not until doctors dosed her with the anaesthetic, chloral hydrate – contraindicated in elderly people with gastric problems like my Mom had.
She was held for five days until she finally had a dream of killing herself. Then the Dufferin County Mental Health jumped into action. While she was delirious, they did a 15-page mental health assessment, committed her to a mental asylum while she was in the hospital. That left my ill father without any help at home, plus he was in shock.
After I raised hell, they let her go home as long as she attended the Dufferin County Mental Health office in two days. There, a doctor repeatedly pointed an index finger in her face and demanded to know if she wanted to kill herself.
She was finally told to be at Homewood Psychiatric Hospital by 9 pm or the Ontario Provincial Police would come and seize her in front of her neighbours.


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