The City of New York versus Homer Simpson

Comment — August 26, 2015

Britain’s Channel Four just aired an old repeat episode of the Simpsons, entitled the City of New York versus Homer Simpson, Series 9, Episode 1
It caught my eye because it first aired on Fox on Sept 21, 1997, nearly four years before Sept 11, 2001. That’s significant because the World Trade Center was still standing when this particular Simpsons episode was first broadcast. That’s why it features the iconic twin towers.
Why is this important? Because for a few brief seconds as Homer Simpson contemplates a trip into New York City the cartoon features what looks like the cover of a New York travel brochure. On it is a depiction of the WTC twin towers.


Remember this Simpsons episode was first broadcast in September 1997. So either this episode uncannily prefigured events nearly four years before they happened. Or, the Simpsons scriptwriters were in on the game plan and sending coded visual signals to others who might also know what was being planned.


Of course those scriptwriters and cartoonists involved may not have known exactly what was being planned. It may just have been “suggested” to them by an insider that they depict the WTC next to the figure of 911.
Either way, someone close to the Simpsons production team or maybe part of it was intent on sending coded signals to others in the know.
Nor was the Simpsons the only cartoon to display an uncanny precognition of the events of Sept 11, 2001. On April 27, 2001, an episode of Johnny Bravo aired which also seemed to prefigure the events of 9/11. A still from that episode features below and readers will note the ominous words “Coming Soon …”

Note the picture on the wall

Some might like to dismiss these eerie similarities as “coincidence” but as a mentor once remarked: “there is no such thing as coincidence”. A sweeping statement but I would suggest that insiders are sending coded signals to others “in the know” via the corporate media.

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