Noam Chomsky – a fraud in linguistics and an double-agent

Noam Chomsky – a fraud in linguistics and an double-agent serving the conspiracy to destroy the American people for Trotskyism

When B. F. Skinner discovered (invented) operant conditioning, the basis of behavior modification and the functional analysis of behavior including verbal behavior and covert verbal responses called thinking – he gave the world a powerful technology of human control. Noam Chomsky was assigned the task of discrediting Skinner’s book Verbal Behavior and replacing the new science with a bogus dumb-down fake science which Chomsky called deep-structure grammars or, far more appropriately “psycholinquistics” – the idea that language grammar is already “in our minds” – everything that Hitler and others urged against “Jew science” applies perfectly to Chomsky’s intentionally unfair hatchet job against Skinner – many books need to be written on Jewish sabotage of American social sciences, even as they took the technologies which they denied to our students.

Chomsky’s bogus approach, a science based on explanatory fictions in non-existant dimensions of mind – that completely gets away from operant conditioning of verbal behavior. It is like depriving Chemistry of the periodic table and replacing it with the theory imaginary invisible substances like phlogeston or aether that are responsible for chemical reactions. Meanwhile the Jews took the Skinnerian psychology to Israel and made it their own, even as every Jew psychiatrist and psychologist in the US was assigned the job of shooting down Skinner – even Herrnstein turned on his teacher and mentor for this purpose. Noam Chomsky is a Zionist operative from the beginning.

His mumbo-jumbo linquistics have given us nothing, and his war on Skinner in American universities – part of International ZIonim’s plot to dumb down America – to rob her of a real science of human behavior and a real sociology and a real economics – giving us instead dumb-down and propaganda administered by ZIonist professors. Noam Chomsky has never stopped being part of the dumb-down, of the effort to redirect American college student away from the analytical tools and scientific findings they need – in order to further American helplessness against Jewish psycological control. Noam Chomsky is a Zionist and he is a gatekeeper who pulls rank of scholarship – he taught linguistics at MIT (to the shame and dishonor of that once venerable institution) but will never take on opponents face to fact in debate. Chomsky, as a Talmudist Zionist refuses to consider that fingers should be pointed to Israel for 9-11, that the Rothschilds have played a major role in history – all of his books on economic history and politics omit to mention their existence. Noam Chomsky is yet one more example of the fact that when you blame Jews of covering up that fact that 9-11 was a false-flag black-op conducted by Jews – he merely says that whoever brought the claim is unqualified to have an opinion worth considering. This is not a matter of collective guilt – for the Jews held out as the intellectual elite of the US it is a case of universal guilt. And that goes for the New York Times, the Nation, Rolling Stone, the Village Voice and a hundred other publications by Jews in an information-war to the death with you and me.

Jews did 9-11.

I only wish a larger percentage of them would admit it in public, because they all know it. They had better pray that the middle classes do not find a leader who will save them from impending destruction – because we are not going to forget how most of you worked so hard to obstruct justice and prevent middle class gentiles from saving their own lives under Sino-Zionist subversion and sabotage.

This is my educated opinion which I am prepared to put to the test in debate with any follower of Mr. Chomsky who wishes to defend him.