Concentration Camps Update

Since the release of the previous article, I’ve received a few invitations to speak about my experiences and even been invited on a few radio shows, which I’ve done. Some have asked me on only to discredit my research and are waiting for their own people to come back with some info that will explain away my findings. And still, there is silence from the media and our government about the creation and staffing of these camps. Why? Even if to deny the claims, why can’t our elected officials meet with me and others from the press at these sites and explain their purpose, so we can all go back to sleep and watch more TV? Why not open the gates and let us inspect these places? If there is nothing to hide, then where’s the problem?

I have received hundreds of letters in the last few weeks, with many containing new evidence of camps and other things that make our case even stronger. The naysayers don’t seem to have any proof, except a foul mouth and opinion of those men and women who are looking for the truth. Some, I believe are working for the agency, others are simply haters and denial people. Not liking what they hear, they simply won’t see what any normal person can see with an open heart and an open mind.

Here are some of the answers to the many new questions raised by folk.
1) Yes. We do have photographs. A lot of them and yes, we will publish them. As I write we are collating them and getting ready to get them up on the internet.

2) Yes. We do receive help from many people in the Army and National Guard, who have given us location tips regarding these camps.

3) The holding camps – which are by nature, simply fences enclosing an open area – have little in the way of facilities. These were areas already in existence ( reservoirs ) which have recently been modified with new barbed wire with the tops POINTING IN. These camps are lock stock – pens for cattle. Have you ever seen the stockyards? They are really just temporary areas for holding cattle. The holding camps are scattered everywhere, in all major cities, and our intelligence sources confirm that these are going to be used as some sort of interim roundup places where those gathered can be placed until they can be shipped off to somewhere else. Don’t expect much in the way of guard towers and the like as they were never meant to be more than what they are.

4) For every major full service camp, there are probably twenty holding camps. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

5) No. I do not believe these camps are for aliens. They are designed for human beings.

6) No. I have not seen UFO’s around these camps.

7) Hundreds of officers from the Air Force and Army are leaving the service because they believe something is about to happen that they don’t want to be part of. A friend of mine has a law practice with another lawyer in Colorado who helps officers with their discharges and in the last two years, they have seen a flood of men and women – all with horror stories – who are throwing away their careers to avoid something you don’t want to know about. These men and women all have the same story. The US Government is going to declare Martial Law and take over the country by force, with the Military and Intelligence community running things. They intend to rid the country of twenty to thirty million people.

They have lists. They have plans. They are coming.

8) Yes, we have full location lists of camps from Florida to Alaska, but I’ve only seen those west of the Mississippi. Quite frankly, I just haven’t the time to go and see them all.

9) No, I do not believe that UFO’s are behind this. It is an intelligence/money/military cabal that is behind these camps. They have an agenda for us that is simply evil. I believe that the UFO situation is a smokescreen to keep us looking the other way. I do not doubt the veracity of UFO sightings, only the source of such machines.

10) The FBI, DIA, and NSA have been compiling lists of gun owners, food stockpilers, religious persons, new agers, patriots, etc. Why? Are these people destined for the camps? The answer is yes, and more. They are looking for anyone who is not going to jump on the NWO bandwagon as someone to be dealt with. It’s in their plans, the National Guard has been training for it, and notice how the commercials lately have been telling us how wonderful the National Guard is and how much we need these fellows. Also, the DEA and FBI have been training, since January of 1999, to do house to house search for guns. Why? Firearm ownership is still a right and is legal in this country, so why train en masse?

11) Yes, I do believe the media is a willing and cooperative accomplice with all that is coming. Know what conditioning is? Well it is happening to us right now, via the media. This explains why no one in the media is investigating these reports.