Cancer mum recovers after using mistletoe instead of chemotherapy

A mum is recovering from cancer after she turned down chemotherapy and used mistletoe instead.

Joan van Holsteijn, 53, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma after tumours were discovered in her leg.

But she opted not to have conventional treatment after hearing injections of medicine from the Christmas kiss plant had healing properties.

After 18 months, the tumours have gone and Joan is clear of the disease.

She said: “I owe my life to mistletoe. I feel so grateful and well and healthy.

“I have never had it in the house before but this year I’ve got a sprig of mistletoe at my front door.”

Joan went to her doctor after a painful lump the size of an egg developed on her leg.

Doctors recommended chemotherapy for special needs therapist Joan, who lives with her husband Simon, 48, and daughter Lisa, 14, in Milltimber, Aberdeenshire.

Joan said: “I was very scared, scared of the cancer and scared of chemo because you can become so ill from it.

“Usually patient’s try chemotherapy then mistletoe but I didn’t want to do that.”

Joan went to Park Attwood Clinic in Birmingham where she was given injections of medicine refined from mistletoe berries.

It kickstarts the immune system so the body can fight back against the cancer.

Within six months, the lump on Joan’s leg had shrunk and after 18 months, all the tumours had gone.

She said: “All that’s left behind is scar tissue. I feel absolutely fantastic.”