Walking Half-Blind Through the Minefields of Material Darkness

Smoking Mirrors — August 6, 2015

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It’s a spiral, not a circle, unless you’d prefer some law of return. Nothing beats Suffering for a successful weight loss program. Two for the cost of none.
Never before, except when I was locked up, have I spent so much time thinking about it all. There’s always the possibility that there is a reason for that.
Probably the hardest challenge for any of us, walking half blind through the minefields of material darkness, is to be able to successfully train oneself to have a timeless perspective about it all. Nothing here is as important as it seems and hindsight proves this again and again. The extremes to which people will go to get their hands on something they think they want, pushes the envelope of absurdity to ridiculous lengths and the cost… ah, the cost.
The biggest obstacle to timeless thinking has to do with programmed lifestyles, based on time awareness and the compartmentalization of consciousness, into time sectors of managed experience. This all comes about through the impact of culture on mind. Primitive cultures have an entirely different view and are much more in line with the cosmic view; consider Aboriginal Dream Time. Consider some of the Buddhist and Hindu perspectives that come about when the mind is freed from The Cultural Matrix. Failing that, you are Food. You get eaten by what contains you. You are processed like Spam in a can. Sometimes you get long hair and sometimes you get tattoos. The sexual force, which is the primary life impetus, is shaped and managed by a variety of influences …but one truth is predominant. It either flows outward or inward and the results are diametrically opposite. In times of material darkness the pull outward is very great and the gamut of cultural traditions and collective behavior are arranged around the prevailing mind set.
It stands to reason, on this plane of competing opposites, that there would be cabals devoted to different ends. One of these is obvious to the objective consciousness and that is why objective thought is discouraged. Those promoting it are slandered by the cabals of darkness, even as they are aided by the cabals of light. It is always harder to trust what you cannot see. It is always easier to go along with the program, even if the end result is to cost you your life but that is by no means the greatest expense. You can get life back repeatedly. One of the integral parts of the great and timeless system is that life repeats over and over again but… what shape does it take? What shape does it take? It’s not going to have any positive opportunity if you return as a swine, a sewer rat or a nematode. The direction and intention of thought is the determinant of future shape and consciousness. A human birth is far more precious and rare than we might imagine. It’s value is incalculable. Can any of the allurements of this plane compare to this? Once again we are returned to the consideration of one who sells their birthright for a mess of pottage.
Think of how hard it is to remain apart in your consciousness from all that is swirling around you. Are they more fortunate; those who can buy their own private island? Are they more fortunate; those who can own homes around the globe and sail on yachts with The Coppertone Crew and their buffed bodies, imprinted with due dates and time signatures that seldom last a decade or two? The laser readers flash over the bar codes.
Are they more fortunate? They say when you are young that summer lasts forever. Summer does not last forever but for many it seems that the cost of the object of desire is not unreasonable. What would you talk about in your conversations with the other people in the limousine? Wouldn’t the topics be confined to the areas of shared experience? Wouldn’t that get old in a hurry, just like yourself? I’ve been there in a small way and I have certainly watched it go past. I’ve been around people who were insulated by wealth from the cradle to the grave. It is both amusing and tragic by turns and they ALWAYS have a cash flow problem. No matter how great the liquidity of their assets might be, for reasons as arcane as the greatest mysteries of the age, they have a cash flow problem. They would love to help you out but money is tight at the moment; possibly even tighter than their asses. We’re being metaphorical, because in reality, given some of the lifestyles in action, tight would not apply. In the world of Pret a Porter, the offenses against self and others on a global scale are massive.
I’ve met and hung out with people worth tens of millions and hundreds of millions and they all have a cash flow problem. As you can imagine, in my younger years I was always looking for investors in projects that I thought would benefit the human race and provide some measure of us with ‘right livelihood’. I laugh now, to think of my runaway idealism and Pollyanna perspective. I didn’t know any better. I didn’t realize that when I was interacting with the very rich I was simply in another kind of Heroin-junkie world. Silas Marner is alive and uh… well?
Some of the greatest crimes against humanity are not considered crimes at all; the crimes of fashion, advertising, journalism, finance and a welter of other areas of endeavor are looked at simply as business as usual. Few consider the effects of collateral damage, or the lasting tragedy of the long term shape shifting consciousness of the human race. There are two primary drives; the drive to beastialize and the drive to humanize and… beyond. Once again we return to the directions taken in the expression of sexual force and which is dependent on what you seek to unite with. It’s pretty simple if you think about it. The thing is, not many seek to think about it. Appetite doesn’t like for the mind to go in that direction. Hunger and Desire are most definitely opposed. Ambition doesn’t want to hear about it. Covetousness and Avarice aren’t the slightest bit interested and all of these drives and many others of similar kind, are represented by actual consciousnesses, who operate under the wide umbrella of infernal intelligence. There’s a list of these at the bottom of this page. You don’t want to do more than just register their job occupations. Most of them are walking around in human form at the moment. Some operate multiple forms through legions of underlings. The same is true of the celestial hierarchy. We are not what we seem and some of us are definitely not what we seem. The best guide is ALWAYS, “by their works, ye shall know them.” “BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!”
People are defined by what they say, by what they employ themselves at, by what they put their attention on and in all the continuing days activities, dictated by taste and disposition. Does someone say one thing and do another? Let us not concern ourselves whether anyone occasionally fails at this. We ALL do. A person is the WHOLE of their time and passage, not merely the diversions taken due to weakness and having been deceived and in every case it is a matter of the triumph or failure of conscience and the levels of regret and repentance exercised in the heart. We all fall. We do not all fail. The biographies of those who have redeemed themselves are many, though most haven’t read any of them.
The fashion shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York are real eyeopeners, should you ever have occasion to be in the mix for a short time. The Satanic presence is remarkable. Here is a large pictorial collection of ridiculous fashion. Of course, the whole schematic is not just clothes. It’s food and entertainment. It’s whatever gets photographed and airbrushed and offered for sale, with a half naked bimbo (of either sex) draped across it, eating it, drinking it, wearing it, or whatever one does with it. It is all the things created to get your attention. So long as your attention is compromised by a focus on the transitory, a contemplation of the eternal verities will escape you. Eventually time runs out. Time often runs out long before time runs out, if you catch my drift.
One of the most difficult things is that unless you are born with sufficient money, you have to work at something to be able to afford all of what is necessary to navigate this plane. Taking the whole process as a matter of faith is not an easy route. I do this …and I can tell you it can be a hard road to hoe. On the other hand, scrabbling against the whimsy of psychopaths, as they continuously manipulate oil prices, food costs, clothing and shelter prices, is its own brand of hard cheese and having a family in the midst of a raging conflagration of runaway greed… whoa!
There are things I just can’t consider anymore. I’ve no choice but to continue as I do and do what I do and at every pass, throw myself upon the mercy of the cosmos. I figure as long as I am not lazy or depraved, as long as I remain faithful and as dedicated as I can manage, I’m going to be okay. You will be too. The testing we face with every new day is a terrible wonder. Some endure no tests at all. What are we to make of that? It’s not good, I assure you. If you are not being shaped by the potter’s genius of the almighty, then you have been put aside as one not worthy of the investment, as one upon whom such ministrations will come to no positive end. In such cases, one is left to the less tender attentions of the long, slow course of painful evolution. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”
Life is long and time is short. Time is long and life is short. All of these are true in a relative sense. You never know what is coming around the corner. For all we know, she’ll be coming around the corner with six white horses when she comes.
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