The Times names its ‘Person of the Year’

It is an indication of how subtle and pervasive disinformation has become that Neda Agha-Soltan has been named the Times ‘Person of the Year’. It also reveals how the corporate media and state sponsored disinformation have become inextricably intertwined.

Many questions still surround her death, none of which the Times attempts to answer.

Instead it simply portrays Neda as a victim, a martyr at the hands of an authoritarian regime.

The fact that the doctor who attended the dying Neda gave two diferent accounts of her shooting isn’t mentioned.

Nor does the Times question the fact that days after treating her he was being interveiwed by the BBC.

Was it a coincidence that a doctor was on hand to attend to the dying Neda or that days later he was being interveiwed by the BBC? Or was her shooting and the subsequent media coverage part of Psy Op campaign?

Given the media’s role in the run up to the Iraq invasion – with speculation about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction repeated ad nauseum, until it was proved there were none – these are serious questions.

Don’t expect the Times to answer them however.

Instead it describes how Neda told her fiance shortly before she was shot: “Even if a bullet goes through my heart it’s not important… What we’re fighting for is more important. When it comes to taking our stolen rights back we should not hesitate…. Each person leaves a footprint in this world.”

“Ms Soltan, 26, had no idea just how big a footprint she would leave” the Times continues.

“Hours after leaving home, she was indeed shot, by a government militiaman, as she and other demonstrators chanted: “Death to the dictator.”

Again, no proof is offered to substantiate these claims. Just as little beyond hearsay was offered to back-up claims about Iraq’s WMD.

In its place the Times offers a narrative that portrays Neda Soltan as a martyr without questioning the circumstances of her death.

Like the rest of the corporate media it is an integral part of the machinary of disinformation and the naming of Neda Soltan as ‘Person of the Year’ is part of the process.

It is also an indication that the propaganda drive against Iran has been stepped up and that we are now on course for direct military confrontation.

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