Dear Santa, here is My Christmas List

It is Christmas Day and for me it has already started as a day of miracles. I walked across the field to pay a visit to “Black”, the ancient, German Shepherd that I am taking care of and when I came in through the steel doors into the garden, he got up on his feet and came over to greet me. For the last several days he couldn’t get up at all and I had to lift him but there he was today; up on his own and reeling like a drunken sailor, listing to the windward side but staying afoot and I could not have been more pleased.

This made me think of the power of the invisible and it also made me think of that time in our lives when we are young and we believe in people like Santa and the Easter Bunny and sometimes we even have invisible friends, I still have invisible friends, so I know that part of it is real. I’m not so sure of Santa and the Easter Bunny, even though I did see the film, “Harvey” and I know about the legends. The same could be true of Santa; he might just be different than the commercial Santa or Billy Bob Thornton’s Santa. Maybe you are this kind of Santa?

Maybe Santa exists for some and not for others and maybe Santa will exist for me today because I have a Christmas list. I know it’s late to be asking but where there is life and breath there is hope, so I’m going to put my list out here for what I would like to see happen in the coming year. I’m not asking for myself in most cases but I am going to ask for a couple of personal things.

First, I am going to imagine myself climbing up into Santa’s lap. Santa is really large in my imagination and he would have to be because I am 6’4”. I’ve gotten myself comfortable and Santa is asking me what I would like for Christmas. The first thing I would like is for him to do something about The Middle East. There’s a troublesome little country over there that doesn’t believe in anything except getting what they want and experiencing an ugly form of sexual release at the murder and abuse of those they have walled up inside of a 24 hour, genocidal ghetto. I would like you to give these people a really hard spanking Santa. I would like you to take away everything they have and scatter them to the winds.

The next thing I would like Santa is for you to expose a good portion of the world leader’s secret lives to the eyes of the world. Santa, I would like you to strip them naked and humiliate them in such a way that they can never assume another position of power and are ashamed to show their faces in public afterwards. Santa, I would like Polaroid’s of bad behavior screaming from the media and going viral on the internet. I want each new outrage followed by another. I want them ruined Santa. I hope you don’t think I’m being mean but millions of lives will be different if you do this and those who follow them will rule in apprehension of the same thing happening to them.

Santa, I would like Goldman Sachs and The Rothschild banks rendered bankrupt and everyone who works for them made homeless and objects of ridicule to everyone they meet. I want them to be given pariah status, Santa. I want ‘just about’ everyone who works in The City in London to be reduced to being 2 feet high and I would like their skin to be turned a fluorescent, reptile green.

I would like every celebrity and athlete; every public figure that has been indifferent to the suffering of others to have their lights and talents dimmed, big time. Santa, everyone who has sold out to the dark side and who skates through this tormented world on their bank accounts and phony smiles, I want them to be marked on their faces in a way that everyone who sees them will know what they are.

Santa, there is a whole lot of child abuse and much of it is not recognized as such but some of it does lead to that child growing up and wanting to work for some big corporation or engage in all sorts of things that bring harm upon their fellows. I would appreciate it Santa if you make it so that children can no longer hear the voices of parents, teachers and mentors who steer them on the wrong road of life.

Santa, I would like the lips of all of the world’s pernicious liars to be sealed so that they may never utter another word. It’s okay if you make them sound like frogs when they open their mouths. I’m flexible on that. Also Santa, a lot of people are abusing animals and they are much loved residents of The Devic Realm, who came here to serve, amuse and comfort humanity. Meanwhile Santa there are all these hypocritical agencies like PETA and Greenpeace and others too. I’d like you to give all of these animal abusers and useless front organizations a serious taste of poetic justice. This includes all those charities that collect for the needy but who never give it to the needy. In respect of this, I would like you to destroy the Holocaust industry. Let the truth about it come out in such a way that public rage sends these criminals looking for dark holes in the Earth to hide in.

Santa, can you make Global Warming a personal thing? I mean can you make it so Al Gore and the rest of the opportunists have to live with the sensation that they are in a sauna most of the time without anyone else being affected?

Santa, probably a lot of the people who read this will have things to add to the list that I forgot and I hope you will see that their wishes are fulfilled.

I would like to see peace on Earth for those who carry peace in their hearts and I would like for the rest of them to either wake up or get what they bring in an instant karma sort of a way. I would especially like for all the evildoers to have their acts and intentions turned on them right while they are seeking to carry them out. I would like for all the people who take themselves so seriously to not be taken seriously by anyone else. I would like the poor and troubled of this world to find that, all of a sudden they have what they need and for the privileged and well to do to suddenly find that what they need and desire just isn’t to be found at any price.

Santa, I would really appreciate it if you would expose the S&MSM completely and in such a way that no one goes there to get their news anymore. I want you to cause the talking heads to freak out while they are reporting the news and be forced to tell the truth about the news and themselves and to admit that they were lying before. I would like you to be creative with this. You know what I mean.
If there is an illuminati, Santa; if there is any kind of reptile, dark alien, secret clubs that are behind all of the bad shit that’s been going down I would like you to destroy them. I know that sounds harsh but I am sitting on your knee and this is my Christmas list and you are Santa. It really does look like you are filling my Christmas stocking even before I ask.

Santa, I would also like all nuclear weapons turned into Turkish taffy and all of the fighter planes, tanks and missiles and automatic weaponry turned into Belgian chocolate and we’ll see what happens when they fire them up or the sun hits them. This should apply across the board to all chemical weapons and crowd control technology. There is one circumstance where it’s okay for them to work and that is if they use them on each other; the bad guys I mean. It would have to be precise and surgical but they claim these things are anyway so, once again, please be creative.

For myself Santa, I would like you to remove my shortcomings and grant me the divine qualities and remove the obstacles to my self-realization and I would also like the power to heal. I’ve got a couple of mundane requests and that would be to see that I can get my Special K whenever I need it and would you see if you can locate a recording company and a publisher who are not members of that group that has done me so much harm with my work in the past? I’ll just whisper in your ear now a few private requests that I don’t want going out over the public airwaves and then I think I’m done. I do want to thank you for that incident with The Pope. I believe you are already answering me in various ways.

Thanks for listening to me Santa and I want you to know that right in this moment I believe you can do everything I just asked you and I believe you will do it too. I can already see some of these things happening but, for whatever the reason, I felt like I should come to you and so that’s that. Merry Christmas Santa and say hello to Mrs. Claus, the elves and the reindeer.

End Transmission……..

We are going to pass 2,000,000 visits with this post. The first million took four years and the second million less than one so… hmmm, forgot what I was going to say. Thanks for coming around and making this place what it is. Merry Christmas one and all, it feels even better to say it since you aren’t supposed to say it anymore because it offends the people who temporarily iced the guy whose birthday this is supposed to be but which is actually on the 21st or 22nd. It was a long time ago so… you know how it is with dates.

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