Topless Twist in War on Gender — August 3, 2015

topless_protestThese young airheads are campaigning for the right to go topless in public. Women like them march in “slutwalks” to normalize dressing like streetwalkers.
Both campaigns advance an ongoing satanist objective of turning nature on its head. By flouting natural heterosexual reactions and standards, they undermine marriage and gender. Tom Bothwell shows the absurdity of their argument woman should go bare chested if men can.

By Tom Bothwell — (

For several days now, the top story on has been about women going topless in public: “Rally in support of women’s right to go topless takes place in Waterloo, Ont.”
The protest in question was organized by the Mohamed sisters who, while biking topless a little over a week ago, were stopped by a male police officer and told that the law requires them to cover up.
The officer was in error. Women going topless in public has been ‘legal’ in Ontario ever since 1996 when Gwen Jacob, who had been charged with indecency for doing just that, was acquitted by the Ontario Court of Appeal. The judge ruled that baring one’s breasts was not a sexual act or indecent and that it did not exceed the ‘community standard of tolerance’.
The legalization of public toplessness was, of course, largely a feminist goal and was argued for on the grounds of ‘equality’. If men are allowed to go shirtless in public outdoor spaces, then women should be permitted to go topless as well!

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