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Introduction — August 2, 2015

David CameronWhen David Cameron told the Jewish Chronicle in 2007 that “my values are yours”, the then leader of the opposition was understating things.
By the time he was prime minister in 2012, David Cameron probably felt secure enough in power to openly acknowledge his allegiance to Zionism. Although, of course, he didn’t do so quite so bluntly. Nonetheless, in a speech to the United Jewish Israel Appeal the British prime minister reaffirmed his commitment to Zionist power.
A closer look at his family background reveals why he is such an ardent and unquestioning advocate. Quite literally, it’s in David Cameron’s blood. Apart from usury, Cameron’s great, great grandfather, Emile Levitas turned over a tidy sum as a Director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. However, the big money came in during the Second Opium War, which Britain and its ally France fought to ensure the continuation of the drugs trade between India and China.
So it was in essence a war FOR drugs not on them and it helped cement David Cameron’s family fortune.
That’s one of the reasons why Cameron’s now pushing for tighter all-encompassing legislation against “non-violent extremism”. The real threat now comes not just from terrorists but from “conspiracy theories”, he says. Exactly the sort of thing that might expose his ancestor’s role in war profiteering and narcotics.
Disregarding the fact that the West and its allies have helped finance, arm and equip many of today’s terrorists, something that is now common knowledge among Iraqis, David Cameron has also denounced “conspiracy theories” because they are in his words “anti-Semitic”.
In reality the threat posed by “conspiracy theories” is that many are more than mere theories. Although largely ignored by the mainstream media the wider broadcast of this information is a real threat insofar as it would undermine Cameron’s power. Not because it would help foster terror. Rather it would expose the real forces that have shaped much of modern history and political power. These same forces are also behind much of modern terror and that is something David Cameron and his allies don’t want revealed.
We’ve posted extracts from the following before but it serves to illustrate why Cameron is so focused on this one particular aspect of conspiracy theories. He wants to silence “conspiracy theories” because they reveal how “terrorism” is being used by the West and its allies for their own purposes, and Cameron’s using the old “anti-Semitic” charge to achieve just that. Ed.

Illustrious Jewish roots of Tory leader revealed

University of Manchester — July 10, 2009

David Cameron’s Jewish history goes back hundreds – if not thousands – of years, according to a University of Manchester historian.
Dr Yaakov Wise, who specialises in Jewish history, says the Tory leader is descended from a German-born Jewish scholar whose writings furthered the study of Hebrew in European Christendom at a time of widespread hostility toward its Jews.
And according to Dr Wise, who has been using archival material to examine the Cameron family tree, the Tory leader could also be a direct descendent of the greatest ever Hebrew prophet, Moses.
Cameron is a descendent of banker Emile Levita, who came to Britain as a German immigrant in the 1850s. Emile Levita was himself a descendent of Elijah Levita, who lived from 1469-1549.
During the last years of his life Elijah Levita produced, among other works, two major books: the 1541 Translator’s Book, the first dictionary of the Targums or Aramaic commentaries on the Hebrew Bible.
His lexicon of 1542 explained much of the Mishnaic Hebrew language and was a supplement to two important earlier dictionaries.
Elijah Levita also wrote what is thought to be the first ever Yiddish novel – called the Bove-bukh (The Book of Bove) written in 1507 and printed in 1541.
The book is based on an Italian version of an Anglo-Norman tale about a queen who betrays her husband and causes his death.
Emile Levita, who was granted citizenship in 1871, is Cameron’s great great grandfather.
Levita ,says Dr Wise, is the Latin form of the name Levite, a Jew descended from the Tribe of Levi, the son of Jacob and one of the original twelve tribes of Israel.
“The leader of the Levites at the time of the exodus from Egypt was Moses, who was married with two sons named in the Bible,” said Dr Wise – who is based at the University’s Centre for Jewish Studies.
“However, later descendents of Moses are unknown and many of today’s Levites – often carrying the surnames such as Levy, Levine, Levitan or Levita – could in fact be his descendants.”
Emile Levita enjoyed considerable financial success, becoming a director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, which had offices in Threadneedle Street in the City of London.
He took on all the trappings of an English gentleman – he hunted, owned a grouse moor in Wales, and started an educational tradition which has continued through to today’s Tory leader, by sending his four sons to Eton.
Emile’s eldest son, Arthur, a stockbroker, married Steffie Cooper, a cousin of the Royal Family providing Cameron with a link to King George III, an ancestor he shares with the Queen – his fifth cousin once removed.

Notes for editors

Sources include archives at The University of Leipzig, Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition, the 1871 Census of England & Wales and the gravestone of Elijah Levita in the Lido Jewish cemetery, Venice.


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