Confessions of a Liberated Man

“By women demanding ‘liberation,’ what they have achieved is to turn many men like me, ones who took commitments seriously, into men who say ‘no commitment ever’. “

(Peter is a successful Christian middle-aged Australian businessman who got shafted and bankrupted by a wife who pretended to be one thing before marriage, and became another after they had two children. Peter missed a warning: she already had two children out of wedlock but he had known her since childhood.

I do not agree with his embittered viewpoint but offer it for its vigor and discussion value. He says women are stupid but some of the smartest leaders of the patriot movement –Nesta Webster, Elizabeth Dilling and Lady Queensborough–have been women. He is proof that misandry breeds misogyny, and that the Illuminati is succeeding in reprogramming both women and men to the detriment of both and society as a whole. Peter was abused by his wife and the Illuminati system of law, and he is permanently scared.)

I had always believed the best of women. My wife used to say to me “You put women on a pedestal, not all women are like your mother you know.” I did not know she meant herself. But now, as it seemed that I could find two cases in history where women were directly subverted to cause the fall of the civilization the question as to the real nature of women came to the fore.

I then also discovered ‘Assembly Women’, a Greek play that talks of the Communistic nature of women and how if women are given political power they will destroy a society. I also read about the Roman Empire and how women were central to the fall of the Roman Empire. It was starting to look to me like the Illuminati knew exactly the nature of women and had used it numerous times before. So I followed that line of through for some time.

What did I come up with?

1. Women have 6.5 times less gray matter in their brains than men do. This is the stuff of information processing. Therefore women have the intelligence levels of boys in the age range of about 7-10. They simply can not process enough information to be good at logic, math, science etc. Then we see things like feminist leaders saying “maths, science, reason and logic are the tools of the patriarchy to oppress women. They must be destroyed. Women have a better way of knowing.” Ergo. The Illuminati know women can not use reason and logic. And they know why.

2. ‘Love is an Illuminati story’.
Because the human baby is born in such a state that it is defenseless for a very long period of time (which is entirely consistent with genetic engineering and diametrically opposed to evolution) there was a requirement to FORCE the adult males to protect the children.

Therefore the nuclear family HAD to be developed. Since it is not possible to force a man to give up his life through force in defense of the children, he had to be sold a story to do it. That story is called ‘love’. And we find it in the Bible. “No man has greater love than he who lays down his life for his friend”. The concept of ‘love’ is an Illuminati story to brainwash and mind control MEN into sacrificing their lives for ‘women and children’.

3. ‘Women are not capable of loving men and never were’.
The Illuminati programmed women such that they had little to no loyalty to the man but desired what the man provided. Women never loved the man himself; they loved what the man provided. This is such a shock to most men to find out because we have been brainwashed in ‘love’ and we think women have a similar attitude. They don’t. And they DO NOT want men to know they do not have the same attitude. Once one realizes that women REQUIRE that men believe they love them to get what the woman wants, you can see why women protest so loudly as to how much they love the man. Yeah, right. Go and look in a divorce court and see how much a woman loves a man. One of the defining moments of my life was when I realized my wife NEVER loved me. That she only EVER loved what I provided. Big difference.

4. Women are all but worthless.
Now I had the ‘scales’ of ‘woman on a pedestal’ taken away, the question came to me. So what use are women anyway? The answer became very obvious on closer inspection as to what women do in their ‘jobs’ and in ‘society’ overall. Women are useful for making babies and raising them when they are little, though men actually do a better job of it. Women actually have nothing else they bring to the party that can not be better done by a man. There is no job and no task that women do better than men on average. None. Women are worthless apart from producing babies. And with 6B people on the planet, we don’t need that many new babies. Ergo, women have very little to contribute.

5. Apart from babies?
An experience I had that really surprised me. As an experiment I asked my Ukrainian girlfriend, whom I do not love and who does not love me, if she would ‘make love’ with me as I used to wish my wife would when I loved her. I was amazed at the result. Despite not loving her, the experience and the feelings were every bit as intense and satisfying as they were on the few occasions my wife made love with me as opposed to having sex. I now have three women whom I am dating who have been willing to ‘make love’ with me like this and the experience is as exhilarating and satisfying as it every was with my wife. The conclusion being, apart from babies, women can offer me ‘lovemaking and intimacy’ that feels really good, but it does not really matter who the woman is. The woman herself is worthless; she can be replaced by another one quite easily, but the ‘lovemaking and intimacy’ is quite delightful.

So what is the summary? I was a boy who longed to grow up like my father, with a wonderful wife by my side, to raise my family. I was strongly Christian, did everything ‘right’ and I tried my best. I was severely abused up to and including having my children kidnapped and being cast into poverty. My so called women friends, not only abandoned me; they blamed me for my wife’s actions clearly playing gender politics in my abuse. Since I knew none of this was ‘personal’, that some MEN had to be behind it, I went looking for and found the Illuminati. Not only that, I found they had subverted women a number of times to cause the destruction of a society in history.


I once thought very highly of women because those I knew in my youth were all so kind to me. I researched the true nature of women and discovered them to be nothing more than ‘baby making machines’ who will say and do whatever it takes to get some man to ‘love’ them to pay for them and their babies. I noticed that women bring nothing else to the table other than the ability to make babies. I also noticed that it is possible to ‘make love and be intimate’ with a woman even though I do not love her.

And I have noticed that women behave, universally, like children. And, quite frankly, I don’t want a child running around my house. I had 5 (then 3) of them for 20 years.

These are the ‘perspectives of a liberated man’ on women today. One ‘liberated man’ who now sees through all the rubbish that women go on with through to their underlying nature see them as children whose primary function is raising children until those male children are ready to work or female children are ready to produce more children. Schopenhauer said similar in his essay ‘On Women’. This is not ‘new’. Many other men I know hold similar, or, if you can believe it, even more harsh opinions.


What does all this mean to the ‘liberated man’?

I refuse to allow a woman to co-habit.

I refuse to ‘pay for women’ unless I am getting ‘lovemaking and intimacy’ in return.

I don’t even engage in conversation with most Western women I meet as they don’t have anything intelligent to talk about.

When a women says ‘no’ to me I drop her immediately. The only one who can say ‘no’ to me is the one who helped save my life.

I have no respect for Western women as they have given up thinking for themselves and they mostly hate men anyway.

I love to spend time with non-feminist women who see me as an opportunity for ‘babies and money’ and don’t care about me any more than my wife ever did.

Basically, as a ‘liberated man’ who looks out onto the world of ‘liberated women’ I have no desire to keep one of these women any longer than she is willing to be totally compliant to what I want from her. Period. This is the true meaning of ‘liberated’ when it comes to relationships. You can end them any time you wish. By women demanding ‘liberation’ what they have achieved is to turn many men like me, ones who took commitments seriously, into men who say ‘no commitment ever’.

Well done ladies. I am your new ‘Liberated Man’. And don’t the women who read about my story hate me!