Homeless In El Cajon

henrymakow.com — July 30, 2015

El-Cajon-California-1_photo“Marla Rogers” 65, is an educated homeless woman. Despite living in an increasingly socialist country, there really is no social safety net for people who stumble and fall.
“There is no soup kitchen in this town, no food bank for the homeless, no free housing. No one ever tells the truth which encourages crime. Everyone has some form of mental defect, dysfunction, addiction, severe violent emotional, dangerous reaction to ordinary events.”

by Marla Rogers — (henrymakow.com)

It has been several years since we talked/wrote. I am still in the same poverty/homeless town of EL Cajon, California.
As I said before, this town resonates to the vibration of intense poverty, homelessness, violent criminals, mentally ill, dangerous predators, addictions of nicotine, alcohol and drugs, etc. I am still homeless and struggling in ways you cannot believe. I am in a place that has no kitchen, bed or bathtub; it is just a place to sleep, no not a shelter.
My neighbor is an Arab Jew-hater homeless male who deceived the owner into renting him a place. He lives there 24/7 and is a real annoyance as he has come out half naked, puts his kitchen chairs on the sidewalk to block people walking, etc.
He attacked me on Weds, July 22, 2015. He tried to kick in my glass door, cursed me with profanities and threatened to kill me. He committed this violence three times. On Friday, July 24, Arab males spotted me walking down a sidewalk, ran to get him at his hangout and he spat at me. Neither the owner nor the manager would evict this Arab or demand that he stop his violent crimes against me.



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