She is Everywhere, in Unseen Miniature Multiplied

Visible Origami — July 31, 2015

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Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean that it is.
The heart wants what the heart wants. To still it, or preferably hone it to a narrow focus, is one of the great challenges of life. Anyone I have ever loved, in the romantic sense, has been a stand in for the one I love in a spiritual sense. On some rare occasions she has appeared to me at brief intervals; always letting me know she is always there but… mostly remote, perhaps because of my own darkness under the spectre of mortality and the incessant and frenzied spectacle of all the colorful dancing dust that moves in and out of form, obscuring the eternal and celebrating the transitory.
The heart is not a stationary being. It enjoys no permanent stasis until the true beloved is fixed in the eye of it. There is no peace within that is possible before this comes about. During the early years of my first psychedelic experiences she was always around. I didn’t have much in the way of other manifestations, except for holographic Buddha’s showing up all the time in the flowers and shrubberies and the massive varicolored serpents, half in and out of the Earth. It was always her, from the dark whirling Kali, always at the bottom of some meadow, or as the Queen of Heaven, terribly bright and so luminous that the impress of her features never lasted beyond the short periods in which she appeared. There are things the human mind cannot contain and… so it goes.
Maybe it is the passing of time or some critical mass reached in the litany of life’s disappointments. One becomes gunshy of anyone ever manifesting as the ideal. I suppose it is that old push and pull of Karma that constantly rearranges conditions for us but always based on the past and sometimes we shoot so far beyond whatever we once were that we are no longer recognizable and it then becomes very hard to recognize  those things that appear, earmarked for someone who is no longer in residence anywhere, anymore.
One of the things about protracted suffering is that it can burn up Karma at a nice clip and that is why one shouldn’t be overly put off about being ground into paste because there really is a rhyme and reason to it all and there is always the possibility of being reformed into a brighter visage at some further point. It is only our darkness that is consumed in this way and of course our light would increase in proportion to the loss of the other.
The last person I tried to explain some of this to and which I did without any particular motive in place; I simply expressed it out of the blue as is often the case with me… this person was mortally offended and responded with intense outrage at what I said, which was not personalized in anyway, given there was no there there and now hates me with a passion I find remarkable for someone I’ve never even met. I suppose the upside is that there is most certainly no there there now and… how about a nice glass of lemonade, visible?
I find myself in an very odd place at the moment and I’ve been there most of the year; waiting, waiting on something. I know not what. Projects sit in limbo and any effort to engage in any of them leads very quickly to some form of technological distress. I’m no stranger to bizarre conditions coming out of nowhere, to frustrate one effort or another, but these days it has entered into the realm of the absurd. What do you do when you can’t do most any of the things you would do if you could do them? I suppose you do whatever is left and that would be this.
One thing that can be said with real authority is that, when one is faced with living a life that is completely controlled from some point beyond one’s own influence… is that if you can just take it as it comes and let go all sense of frustration and impatience, it will all resolve itself somehow and far better for the absence of interference on your part.
In the Age of Aquarius, despite it being the age of brotherhood, it is also that time when the divine feminine is to be restored to the throne as an equal player in all things. She is the higher qualities of the heart and the mind for those who do not debase her, as so many are presently employed in doing. There is a dark agenda at work in that regard at the moment, with the intention of sucking as many as will go, down into a vortex of negative polarity. It is the reason for such an excess of pornography and do I have to declare who it is that runs that industry?
What happens is that when you pervert the divine feminine, you close yourself off to all of the higher expressions of the same. One should be forewarned that having been left with only the debased expression of it that one has made themselves vulnerable to things any sane person would very much wish to avoid. The areas of manifest darkness that occur in the debased feminine can be terrible beyond the capacity of my words to describe.
One of the most fascinating statements in the New Testament is, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” On the surface it seems to imply that they are ignorant of the meaning and consequences of their actions. This is true but there is a lot more to it. We are each expressions of individual Karma and so we are ‘mostly’ confined by the limitations of it. People find it near impossible to see outside of what confines them. One needs to keep an awareness of this with them at all times, otherwise, it’s human nature, to have expectations of others that will not be fulfilled.
In earlier times I had some extraordinary friends who shared some extraordinary experiences with me. Over time I watched them each become reabsorbed into the grand illusion. Some of them no longer remember the things that happened. Some of them are no longer here. I was either very lucky or very unlucky because I haven’t forgotten much of it at all and every intentional effort on my part to integrate did not succeed. It has not been permitted. So… despite what seems to me to be the necessity to discover some means of being self sustaining, I must choose to wait upon the good offices of the cosmos. Every effort otherwise has been met with by an undesirable response. There’s a good chance I will not be here that much longer, although, saying that might be exactly what is necessary.  Surely, we shall see.
Unless you are a slave to the mundane, you know that life is rife with the improbable. Unless I am mistaken, I think it is Wagner who wrote Here Comes the Bride. The humor in that is something one gets right off or not at all. There’s more of course but we could be typing here until doomsday’s break and never cover the half of it. One of the most incomprehensible things about the incomprehensible is the sort of folk the ineffable engages to carry out certain employments that they may or may not know they are entrusted with.
It’s all a complexity, isn’t it? One tries to figure out what one should do and maybe one winds up doing that but just as often winds up doing something else. One has an urge to celebrate the invisible and it’s almost like being trapped in a  department store because all you’ve got are these personalized archetypes that have been tailored to one culture or another, or some kind of mega motif that is surrounded by archetypes and it’s a bewildering assortment of avenues of approach and there’s this sensation that at a certain point every bit of all of that disappears and you’re where?
Every night I go wandering in my thoughts in search of the one. Every morning I awaken to another day and a further search for the one and by this time I realize that this will be achieved when the ineffable makes the decision for it to happen and prior to that it won’t make much difference one way or the other. If you’re intense about it well, that’s the ineffable and if you’re not, then that’s the ineffable too and if they know what they do, that is probably the ineffable and if they know not what they do, it is probably still the same. That’s one school of thought anyway. It could be that every permutation is legitimate for those it applies to and irrelevant where it does not. In my case, everything is under control, whether I can see it or not but I would not presume that is the case for everyone. Of course, an exercise of higher logic would affirm that it is all under control but what difference would that make to someone who doesn’t believe it?
In the personal sense it is all about the Kundalini and that is a feminine principle of which, anyone who is engaged with it cannot be unaware of. In another tradition it is called, “Jacob’s Ladder”. It is the life force and it expresses in an outward form into all of the activities of life we know about. It can be channeled inwardly and upwardly into all of the activities of life that we don’t know about. In times of material darkness, the general pressure of material force is toward an outward expression and the eventual perdition it results in. As the kundalini rises it goes from station to station of evolving consciousness. Eventually, it unites with the universal spirit in the secret bridal chamber where some more refined version of, Here Comes the Bride will be playing. Words can do no justice to the experience that occurs here. Faith, Certitude and Determination. Faith, Certitude and Determination.
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