Tom Driberg — Symbol of Subversion & Decadence — July 28, 2015

Tom Driberg 1905-1976

Tom Driberg 1905-1976

How did this promiscuous gay, Communist, Jewish, Satanist traitor and spy become a peer, Lord Bradwell, and “High Anglican churchman” Chair of the Labor Party (1957-58) and MP from 1942 to 1974?
The answer is that Western society is run by the Illuminati, a Masonic satanic cult based on Jewish Cabalism behind Communism. Our “leaders” are mostly Freemasons, i.e. Satanists.
A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by corrupting and sickening them. Humanity is being inducted into this cult.

by Chris Everard — Excerpt from The Satanic Syndicate (

After leaving Oxford [without qualification], the homosexual communist poet, Tom Driberg, extended his social circle, reporting on the antics of High Society which included Evelyn Waugh and Aleister Crowley. Evelyn Waugh’s diary entry for 30 October 1927 records: “I went to church in Margaret Street where I was discomposed to observe Tom Driberg’s satanic face in the congregation”.
And Satanic it was – Tom Driberg became a Labour Party Lord-Baron and paved the way for a whole hotchpotch of paedophile-homosexual jewish aristocrats to control the reins of power in par- liament on behalf of Buckingham Palace.
Driberg was not just a Lord-Baron, but also a Marxist-Communist and jewish Labour contributor – his first paid income [apart from ‘favours’ which he received renumeration for], was writing the WILLIAM HICKEY column in the Daily Express newspapers [which are now owned by socialite publisher Richard Desmond].
Driberg was openly gay and a predator of young boys and men – something which was supposedly forbidden and against the law in England until 1967. Driberg used the William Hickey column to promote queer and tirelessly anti-social characters such as Betjeman, Nancy Mitford [acquaintance of Hitler] and Peter Quennell. The William Hickey column became most well known for exposing society parties at the bath house and swimming pool in Buckingham Palace road where the HQ of Google and News International/20th Century Fox now stand.
Maxwell Knight – the rampant homosexual spymaster at MI5 – his author friends, Dennis Wheatley and Naval Intelligence Officer Ian Fleming were eventually personally initiated into the AA – the Astra Argentinium, or ‘Silver Star’ secret society which Crowley headed…

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