Surviving the Storm or Missing the Boat?

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Perhaps as a result of recent spiritual practices and a more determined focus, I am experiencing periods of serenity. Maybe it’s some sort of emotional or mental climate change. Whatever the cause or source, it’s welcome. The distance between now, and the last time I felt this sort of deep equilibrium, is probably wider that the distance between Sidney and Broome because I could have walked there and back in that period of time.

Yesterday I listened to the latest interview with Cliff High which I linked in the comments section of all the consistently active blogs. I didn’t do this because I share this man’s premonitions of the future. So far I haven’t run across anyone who sees it the way I do. I don’t actually see it but I can feel it. I linked it because it’s thought provoking and disturbing. I did not send out the PDF to the readers because I buy the party line. I sent it out because various portions of it are inspired and inarguable in the cosmic sense, regardless of what name tags or masks you attach to the single prevailing deity. The Sun is a seat of divine consciousness; a regent who rules for around four hundred million years. However, he is, in reality, simply and extension of the single controlling and all pervading ONE.

What makes Cliff’s interview so riveting is his obvious high (pun intended) intelligence and tremendous grasp of his subject matter and many ancillary areas of inquiry. The man is extremely informed. He’s also- and you can tell by his manner of speech- a humble man, with an atmosphere of humanity. He’s not a religious person. I could classify him as a visionary scientist. He’s extremely articulate and that can only come from years of disciplined application to his field of study as well as being comfortable in his skin. That requires an amount of honesty. There are any numbers of glib types around but often that facility is not seated in the virtues and, these days, occasionally a sign of psychopathy.

As I listened to Cliff, I couldn’t help but get frequent images from the recent film, “2012”. It all seems pretty fantastic. Then I looked at my own life and the supernatural experiences I have had along the course of it and all the inter-dimensional and other inexplicable visitations and I am left not knowing what to think or what to say.

My visceral brain tells me that this “Shape of Things to Come” phenomenon is overly dramatic. Cliff has indicated that his modality does tend to amplify possibilities so that’s a disclaimer as to intensity. Still… I consider myself a reasonable man in possession of some amount of objective capacity. I’m looking for the truth. I’m not looking to prove something I want to be true or to disprove something I don’t want to accept. I want to see more clearly so that I can adapt more completely. I want to give myself over to a greater awareness and be absorbed into it. That’s my goal. I have a certain amount of work that has been assigned to me in relation to the outer world but that’s not my deepest and most compelling concern. I’m after the continuous presence of the ineffable, nothing else and nothing less.

Toward the end of the interview there were people calling in and talking about where they had put themselves and wanting to know from Cliff where he thought a safe place to be might be. This part of the program gave me a rueful smile and a sense of that particular blindness and desire to live that is a characteristic of all life. We want to feed and copulate and entertain our minds. We want to live forever as what we are and the actual reality of living forever entails constant change. Death and change are interchangeable.

Perhaps you can imagine the terror that comes to those who have spent their life in the acquisition of material things and are seated behind their locked doors and often unaware that Death has a skeleton key. All that is familiar to them is represented to them in the reports of their senses. They have spent little time exploring the regions beyond the senses and therefore it is the terrifying unknown. It is really just another country. One should make it a point of studying the bandwidths of the different rays and how they relate to each other. There’s a lot to be gained there.

There is a reason why the television and radio is always on in the homes of the elderly. It is the necessary and incessant distraction that is used to turn the mind away from the contemplation of what awaits and what lies beyond the constricted parameters of their daily routines and repetitions of the same old same old. Death is a liberator but we seldom see it as such. Yama can have more than one face but you are advised to give him a friendly visage.

Yes, there is a great harvesting on the horizon. It is also an aperture for departure to many further locations. We aren’t all going to the same place and I don’t mean that in any context of Heaven or Hell. The universe is a very big place and it has a lot of locations. Each of us has a destiny that involves Self Realization as the completion of our state but we also have particular areas of employment in which we demonstrate what we are individually. As a result we go to different places to learn more about how to do what we do better,

I have come to realize that everything that happens to me, every small event in every day, is geared toward my improvement and ultimate liberation. Since I don’t know the end result of each following condition, there is a natural impulse to rebel against circumstances, instead of cooperating with them and exponentially easing my passage through them. Just the other day I was told this and so I’m watching it now and I can see that it’s so. I don’t want to fight against the force that is leading me out of the brambles of this tangled realm. Sometimes I feel like a child being given a bath. Instead of enjoying the warmth of the water and the loving hands I am resisting the experience and turning it into something it’s not.

Where would one go to live in order to be one of those who survive? I’m laughing. It’s not funny in a lot of ways but I am laughing. Several years ago I got the message that I should look for somewhere other than where I was living. Where I was living (and still am half the time) is a pretty secure and pastoral place. Where I am now is even more so. It’s not in a mountainous area surrounded by even greater mountains like the first place but it is definitely out of the way. It’s also not on the way to anything but more of the same. There’s water in several directions and I suspect a kilometer high tidal wave might reach here, depending on how much force was in it. A tidal wave can only go in one direction. Am I in that direction? I don’t know.

For some reason, thoughts of survival do not enter my head. I will survive in any case. I am eternal. I will change and in time I may well be very different than I am today but it will still be me and I will still be somewhere. I know that the shit is going to hit the fan. I’ve been very conscious of that for at least ten years. I’ve seen it coming and I’ve seen it verify the shapes I expected it to take so I am pretty secure (poor choice of words?) in the reality of it imminence. There’s going to be a whole lotta shakin going on. If my presence is required I will remain here. If it is required elsewhere I will go. I’m not going to hoard weapons and ammunition and large supplies of food. I have no real material wealth and that doesn’t trouble me. I’m just going to continue to reach within and serve without in whatever small way I am able to.

My gut tells me that what is coming is going to be a surprise to everyone and not the same as what anyone is prediction. It’s going to be different and it is going to have a definite spiritual element. My gut tells me that promotions and demotions are on the horizon in a very big way. My inner sense tells me it’s all under control right down to the smallest particle. I look at the night sky and I see the order and symmetry of it all and it tells me that this applies in all cases. I recognize there’s some wiggle room in the dynamics given free will but I think that’s a bit of a misnomer somehow too.

My advice to myself is to work on myself and seek to improve as a human being and to be mindful of the indwelling presence as much as I am able and to consistently seek to be more mindful. I do believe the rest will take care of itself.

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