Movie “Ant-Man: Is “Mindfulness” Satanic? — July 26, 2015

Ant Man movie poster. Click to enlarge

Ant Man movie poster. Click to enlarge

Movies used to be based on novels. But now that adults are being infantilized, they are based on comic books. “Ant-Man” is a new Disney movie that grossed $145 million in its first week. Our reviewer believes “Ant-Man” espousal of “mindfulness” is part of the satanic agenda.
I don’t believe that “mindfulness” need be non-judgmental. On the contrary, I believe detachment from thought is healthy and necessary for survival. Our identity shifts from the malleable mind to our soul, which is ultimate reality, immutable and moral by nature.

by Aspen — (

There is one single scene in Ant-Man that parlays the entire purpose of this otherwise noisy, slam-bang, smart-aleck, ten-chuckles-a-minute affair.
The male lead of the film, a brainiac ex-con named Scott has been recruited by a washout scientist who discovered a technology to shrink and enlarge physical matter. The scientist wants Scott to shrink to the size of an ant and put a stop to an evil man’s dastardly plans.
However, up to this point in the film, Scott is having trouble managing the telepathic brain interface that controls the ant suit.
In what is clearly the most serious scene in the film, a woman named Hope informs Scott that he must “clear his mind of all distractions”. Scott focuses on how much he loves his little daughter (whom he hasn’t seen for years) — and PING! The brain interface suddenly works like magic…or, we should say, rather, WITCHCRAFT.


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