The Real Endgame

What would you think of a state attorney who doggedly pursues members of one mafia family, but seems oblivious to another, at least as dangerous one? That he is probably on their pay list, right? And why be so hypocritical to go after one crime family, if he won’t touch the other? Because the family he works for has an axe to grind with the other, right?

That’s exactly my problem with Alex Jones and all the other activists who can see only fault in the ‘ruling elite’, but not the ‘Zionists’.

When Europe’s old ruling elites started to sell their souls to the Hofjuden, their Jewish moneylenders, they did that to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. It was those Hofjuden who helped England become the ruler of the world and made Prussian dominated Germany the leading power on the Continent. They were literally the kingmakers, in England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and elsewhere.

The trouble started when the Hofjuden started bankrolling two Jewish political movements, Communism and Zionism. Communism was designed to take complete possession of countries such as Russia and China who kept refusing to hand over their central banks. Zionism allowed them to take over control of the strategic Middle-Eastern oil reserves.

The dependence of the Hofjuden on their fellow tribesmen meant that Western societies became increasingly judaised. Jews proved to be the perfect tools for their evil plans, because of their traditional lack of empathy for non-Jews, rooted in 2000 year old Talmudic teachings that non-Jews are subhumans.

Nowhere is this Jewish domination more obvious than in the United States and United Kingdom, which are virtually suffocating under the Jewish stranglehold. Nowhere else can we better see the conflicting interests between the old ‘ruling elites’ – consisting of Hofjuden intermarried with Europe’s nobility – and the pool of Jews they groomed to control all aspects of society. Those capos have become so rich and powerful themselves that they are now challenging the old ‘ruling elite’, for example on issues related to Israel.

These frictions started to show after the death of Princess Diana, whose mother is a born Rothschild. From a Jewish point of view, Diana was Jewish, making the next heir to the throne of England Jewish too. The Jews decided to kill her when she was about to convert to Islam. The Rothschilds don’t take it kindly, if one of their own is being murdered.

Since that event we have seen a bitter tit-for-tat between old ruling crime families and the nouveau riche Kosher Nostra. While still cooperating – on an operational level – on strategic projects such as 9/11, the restoration of the Afghan opium production and the war on terror, they increasingly make each others’ life difficult with embarrassing leaks and press publications. A good part of the alternative media has been groomed for exactly that purpose.

The snowballing criticism of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and the undue influence of the Jewish lobby on US foreign policy is part of that conflict. And so is – in retaliation – the publicity for climategate. The blows handed out at each other are getting heavier each month. The publication of the ‘Palestinian organ theft’ story in a Swedish tabloid and the latest Channel 4 documentary on the Israel lobby in the UK, are a good indication of how bitter the fight has become.

Alex Jones, who became famous because of his upfront knowledge of the events of September 11, keeps warming us of the ‘endgame’. The endgame he is talking about is only half of the story though. The other half, we will soon be able to hear on Fox News. That’s the real endgame, Alex Jones: the emerging total war between our old and new ‘ruling elite’.