The Event Horizon in your Windshield Drive-By Monitor

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I’ve been watching everything from a distance and that means you only get what your mind tells you might be happening but you can’t really see anything. There are some good features to being outside of the crowd. If they go nuts you don’t have to worry about getting away because you’re not there. That’s one of the reasons I avoid crowds but not the main one or even the secondary reason. Then again, you can’t take someone’s pulse from a distance. You have to rely on what you hear. This means you have to trust the source of your information, get another source or… not care if you are being lied to because you don’t really want to know the truth in the first place. You want to be reassured and if bad things have to happen on your watch, or due the actions of someone who represents your interests, you want it justified. Dead babies don’t grow on trees. It takes a strong man to bring a camel to his knees.

When I used to do my TV show in NYC, Woodstock, NY and some other places, via the postal service, the main feature of the show was that I channeled seven different characters and each of them gave their take on the world situation; the inner and outer space situation, the world of black ops and so on and so forth. One of the characters was Omega Fortunatis and he was from outer space. Each of the characters had a different hat and some of them had sunglasses. Omega wore lit Christmas bulbs wreathed around his head. It was called Mr. Visible’s Neighborhood and there used to be an example from the early days up on Blinkx but it appears to be gone now. Ah, never mind about that. The point is that I’m going to do a little Omega today and make some predictions concerning things that ‘I think’ I can see and as these things have gotten closer in time they look even more like what the outline was suggesting from a greater distance.

Here goes; a significant number of people are going to stop paying their taxes come 2010. This is going to cause serious concern in the leech industry. Money is going to dry up for public services and crime is going to get bad. It’s going to get worse than it might have been because people don’t have the money they need to get by. They don’t have the money they need because corporations like Goldman Sachs, the banking industry and the government have stolen what they had, while outsourcing and downsizing have buggered the manufacturing base and made the jobs disappear. An honest government could have prevented this but you don’t have one of those.

I’m not going to tell you anything new and I’ve said most of these things before but… they weren’t in the wing mirror then and riding in a Peterbilt truck. Please note that objects in the mirror are closer than they appear and so is the invisible divine agency which should be of some comfort if you are the sort of person who needs to know that sort of thing. You could find this out on your own but most people are too occupied with the details of getting by to go looking for the source of all the things they are having such difficulty finding and acquiring. End digression.

You’ve heard about the suicides in your gratuitous wars. You’ve heard about the ten million dollar bat mitzvah that the body armor guy had for his little darling and you probably heard about what kind of a beautiful human being he is, just as you have heard about Halliburton and Blackwater, now operating under a new name that the other Prince had considered using but didn’t. You’ve heard about dissension in the ranks and the games being played with soldier’s finances and health care. Well… what you have is a whole lot of really pissed off young men and women who know how to use guns and also know who they have actually been fighting these wars for. Next year there is going to be a lot of trouble coming because of these people.

There was an interesting article in the S&MSM recently (are there still people that don’t know why I call it the S&MSM? Does this help… S&M MSM?). This article was listing the places in America where there was the greatest disparity of wealth. In other words, they named places where there were a lot of very rich people and a great many more poor people. There are going to be some serious problems in these places. They were kind enough to also list those neighborhoods where there were a lot of stinking rich people, like Greenwich and Bridgeport, Connecticut. They didn’t mention Saddle (bags) River in NJ but I will. Once the leech industry has done for the middle class and lowered that forty ton press on to the heads of the poor they are going to take Willie Suttons advice with some modifications.

Consonant with the results of the forty ton press will be the Houdini that gets pulled by Social Security and other violence ameliorating services and this is going to be because the people who brought you Tungsten Gold are already looting that area of the system. Some of the individuals that are behind this truly believe they have a Get out of Dodge Free card. Some of them have reservations in one of the Morlock hotels and some of them still think they can trust their bodyguards. A good portion of them have dual nationality and they’ll be headed in that direction but there’s a surprise coming for those folks just like there is for the card carrying, Morlock hotel residing, bodyguard trusting assemblage. You can think of all of this as a sort of Shadenfreude Christmas.

People are going to start losing their minds in public. The reasons for this is that they didn’t have control of them in the first place and also… the real climate problem is going to intensify and that is the mental and emotional climate which the external climate is only a reflection of. This might help you understand what I mean. When you see something external from you are you actually seeing it there? No, you are seeing it in your head. There is the impression of distance and all attendant features extended but all of it is actually being experienced and processed in your head. Take this concept and play around with it and see if you get anything.

There will soon be an epidemic of candid shots featuring deep exposure of prominent operations and individuals. Think of it as the Tiger Woods debacle on steroids. This Climate Gate is the tip of the iceberg. Things like; ‘the’ holocaust survivor- population explosion- industry and the core industry itself, 9/11, international Satanism and it’s connection to organized religion, child sacrifice, The Pope’s wilderness defecation experiences, various mind control operations, the lying media and so forth and so on are all going to come under the Klieg lights. One of the big reasons for this is ‘panic in the ranks’. Subsequently there are going to be assassinations that make the much ignored murders of all those micro-biologists look like no big deal which, apparently they weren’t. Things are going to be a big deal now, where before they were not. A whole lot of things are going to become more important than they were. They were always important but most people didn’t give a shit because they were focused on the head bobbing up and down in their lap or occupied at the other end of the process. It is going to become clear that there are more important things than bobbing heads when other things begin to disappear.

There is a place in that remarkable work, The Lord of the Rings, where Frodo says something about Bilbo not killing Gollum. Gandalf says something like, “Mercy? It was mercy that stayed his hand.” It’s a beautiful teaching point among so many in that brilliant masterpiece. We all know how that turned out don’t we? We know what happened with Frodo and Gollum at the end don’t we?

Some of you may be feeling squirrelish and girlish and the latter is okay if you’re busy texting at the moment or getting ready for the prom but I have to demur because I wasn’t born one. If you are, then, even then, that might not be the ticket right now. You need to know what you are about. There’s an old C&W song that says, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” In this instance your belief system is what is going to be tasked. It’s the point of this whole exercise to begin with. I don’t see how you could arrive somewhere if you didn’t believe in it in the first place.

The one thing The Devil cannot abide is scorn. It may be what made him red in the first place. Let him know what you think of him by having the courage not to be like so many of your fellows in this time of trial.

I’ve handed out certain PDF gifts in the past. I have one now that I hope will recompense those of you disappointed with your ALTA experience. It is in the Western tradition, Christ associated format but… there is no one from any faith who will not get something from this and it couldn’t come at a better time. Email me.

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