Royal Nazi Salutes: A Telling Freeze-Frame Moment in History

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For July 18, 2015

Young Queen Elizabeth flaunts Nazi salute

Young Queen Elizabeth flaunts Nazi salute

There is a tsunami of bogus analysis in the media today on this Royal Hitler-lovers story. All mainstream sources deliberately missing the point (which is, of course, their job).
Because I have not read any kind of similar reflections relating to the 1933 Royal Nazi salutes reproduced in today’s ‘Sun’, this blog might as well offer the following:
1933 was only 15 or 16 years after the assassination of the Czar’s family by the Wall-Street-funded Bolshevists in Russia/The Soviet Union.
The Czar was a cousin to the British Royals.
If the House of Windsor did not understand what was going on at the time, it is certain that by 1933 they had got the message*. The winners of WW1 were clearly the international financial cartel that had mysteriously managed to start the war (we still cannot be sure how they kicked off this otherwise pointless catastrophe).
Germany had the Allies on their knees in 1916 then suddenly the USA (up to that point determinedly non-interventionist) had come in on our side while simultaneously Palestine had been promised to the Jewish people.
The Zionist project was airborne. Funds and, hence, logistical support dried up for the German army and we know most of the rest.
Many of the European old order understood that international finance was now in control and if one wanted to remain alive, even if you were Royalty, the only viable option was to do as they say.
Elements in the British and other European aristocracies did not like this one bit.
When Hitler took over Germany and created its economic miracle these people, including many of the Czar’s cousins in England, looked to Hitler to restore the old order.
Their hopes were short-lived.
International finance won WW2** also. The British Royals and the entire European aristocracy knew very well that their only future lay in making themselves submissive partners to these covert masters of the earth.
The truth is something extremely close to the above.

This picture of the Royal Nazi salutes is a very telling freeze-frame-moment from our history.

*   The Protocols of Zion had been published in the UK 12 years before 1933. Lord Northcliffe, part-owner and writer for The Times and The Observer demanded an investigation into the document. Within months Northcliffe was dead and the POZ declared a ‘forgery’.
Douglas Reed who had worked for Northcliffe, met him in Switzerland shortly before he died and described him as a frightened man who had in Northcliffe’s own words “made powerful enemies”.
** “Germany’s unforgiveable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out the the world trade system and to build uo an independent exchange system from which the world-finance could not profit any more….we butchered the wrong pig.”
Winston Churchill (The Second world War – Berne 1960)
“We made a monster, a devil, out of Hitler. Therefore, we couldn’t disavow it after the war. After all, we mobilised the masses against the Devil himself so we were forced to play our part in this diabolic scenario after the war. In no way could we have pointed out to our people that the war was only an economic preventive measure.”
-US Foreign Secretary James Baker (1992)


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