Dumber than Dirt in a World of Hurt

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Here where I am, life goes on as it has for generations. I am surrounded by olive growers, fruit & vegetable truck farmers, as well as the usual operations of the towns. The modern world has intruded to a degree and you can see that in the youth but… the people are still in charge of their lives as opposed to the corporate and governmental control that is preeminent in so many other locations. The stores open at eight… or nine… or whenever they feel like it. They close for lunch at around one or one thirty (or whenever they feel like it) and reopen at 4:30 or 5:00 and close between seven and nine at night. Everything shuts down at around 1:30 on Saturday and doesn’t reopen until Monday morning.

There are no late night stores. The restaurants and bars are open on the weekends and some stay open pretty late but that’s it. France and Germany are a little different. They only get two hours for lunch and on the weekends you can find a gas station that will sell you basic necessities as well as junk food and alcohol. Most everything closes at one on Wednesday afternoon (it’s Thursday afternoons in Italy). The weekends are also time-off for most people… except around Christmas and holidays when stores will stay open later. They’ve got many different holidays in Europe and they close for those too.

In America, they think they’re smarter than that and places are open at all hours to chase the dying dollar (the funeral will be held in a few months). The American dollar is lying on its back with tubes in its nose but… there are state of the art pain killers. The bad news is that they may soon cost thousands of dollars a bottle when you have to shop with your currency in a wheel barrow.

Pure and simple, what happened is that a group of people with no loyalty to anything but themselves, raped and looted their own country. They had the money to hire the lawyers and PR flacks to turn their crimes into seeming acts of savvy and virtue. They’ll be moving on (have already moved on in some cases) to new fields of plunder or the grave.

Why am I talking about these things at Visible Origami? We’ll get to that.

The places that are most likely to survive are the places where certain lifestyles are present and in a greater touch with the earth and its eternal cycles. The places least likely to survive are the big urban centers; the suburbs that rely on them and those places that are geared toward tourism and especially Satanic pleasure domes, not decreed by Kubla Khan (and where Alph the sacred river is not running), like Las Vegas; artificially set into the desert and stealing all the water from hundreds of miles around and being run as one of the world-controlling Zionist, money laundries whose object is dead Arabs and global slavery of the general population. These places may not all meet with sweeping destruction but they will surely lose the wherewithal to continue because not enough people will be going there.

The world is about to turn upside down and sensitive souls are feeling this. Even the insensitive know that something is up but, for the moment, it’s not going to interfere with the NFL, tits and ass and conspicuous consumption; debt be hanged. I took a half a ton of olives in to the market today so I will be oiled and ready.

Yes, we’re all feeling the heat and some of us are testy and frustrated. As the external dynamic shifts, the internal world is finding its long term anchors have been cut or are in hiding. They are being refurbished is what is happening. The force that gave them to you to begin with, is re-engineering the archetypes; what they mean and how they function. This is a good thing but difficult to contend with because, deep inside, most of us don’t trust life and don’t possess unshakeable faith in the cosmic will to good. Yes, good and bad are just terms to describe what most of us prefer and dislike and sometimes they are masquerading as the one when they are the other.

What we have known as religion is soon to be utterly changed. What we have known as government and the marketplace are also going to be transformed. For a period of time it is likely that nothing will seem familiar and that means fear and confusion for those who have been too reliant on the way things looked. You have absolutely got to have faith that there is an architect employed in all of this. If you do not have this faith you are going to find that you are lost in a mined maze without a guidance system.

We are being brought to this point so that we can be shown something. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to see it or not. You are going to see it. Those whose focus has been on the material world and the employment of self-interest are going to be in a world of hurt. This force which is behind everything that is happening is ubiquitous and conscious of minutiae beyond anything the human mind can comprehend. It knows where everything is; where it’s been and what it’s up to. This force is a living thing. It is the life inside you and you would not be alive or conscious otherwise. Trust it and if need be, change… change your ways now. You are dealing with a benevolent being. Accept this and enjoy the ride as opposed to being terrified of the journey. What choice do you have? None.

The arrogant fools among us are less frightened than those who should have no fear. This is because they are dumber than dirt, no matter how smart they think they are. They’ll be getting informed about it all very shortly but… you who have been seeking the high road and who have made the effort to live correctly and in a respectful awareness of your fellows should not be afraid. You should be gladdened. Some of you may not survive in a corporeal sense but that could happen at any time when your cassette runs out of tape. We’re all temporary here. The important thing is what your ticket says about where you are headed.

Regardless of the sense of dread and awe that permeates at this time, this is a very momentous time in which to be present. What you do now will have far greater impact than at any other time; except for other times like this (grin). Carpe Diem is on high neon and flashing from the highest point of the awareness. Make the leap of faith. Drop down inside yourself and rest at the core of your being. All sorts of abilities are going to be activated for those who are true to themselves and compassionate of others. Quite the reverse is going to happen to everyone else. It’s not a matter of vindictive punishment. It is part of the process of awakening.

Awakening is coming on all levels to the degree that you can rise to it and/or bear it. This is the reality of The Apocalypse; revelation, awakening, unveiling and awareness. Look at the pure absurdity and madness of the times. This should cue you to the fact that something very big is on deck. This should also cue you to the understanding that the divine is going to make an appearance in a variety of ways. We are the vehicle that is used by the consciousness of God… to the degree that we aspire to and allow it. We are the hands and hearts and minds that are the conveyance of God. We are the investment bank of God as he is our bank as well.

Cast out uncertainty. If you are doing the right thing and seeking the clarity to serve as you go, there is no need to be uncertain. Take it as it comes and treat with it as it is. There is no need for fear or anger. There is no need to go into an insane survival mode if you are reliant upon what is in command of the entire spectrum from top to bottom and at all points in between. Contact it… seek it… call out from within relentlessly. Give it all you’ve got.

This is the ground zero consideration, either the divine being is real or it is not. If it is then it is all of what you have heard (in the highest sense) about it AND much, much more… incomprehensibly more. Meet it and greet it in everything you do. Make it the chief consideration of your every moment and you will get that in return. What do you value above everything else? This is the determinant of your destiny, just as character truly is fate. Rise to the occasion or be crushed by it. It is correct to fear to displease the divine but otherwise; why should you fear the one who loves you more than you can possibly realize? The time is now because there is no other time and never will be.

The Love

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