Nasrallah praises Iran, trashes Israel as ultimate terrorist state — July 18, 2015

This transcript of a recent speech by Hassan Nasrallah comes from this source. The translation is so bad and repetitive, however, that I have felt the need to edit and abbreviate the text slightly in the interests of clarity. (Lasha Darkmoon) 
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah

“Israel is terrorism in essence, the source of all terrorism in the Middle East!” — Hassan Nasrallah
During a recent conference of the Israeli High Command, the impudence of the Israelis went so far as to call for an Arab-Israeli alliance to confront terrorism. Imagine that! Israel calling for an Arab-Israeli alliance to confront Israeli terrorism!
What is terrorism for the Israelis? Terrorism for the Israelis is Iran and the Resistance movements to Israel.
Now, so that the imposture not be too blatant, they put Daech (the Islamic State) with us. But of course they did not include the Al-Nusra Front, or Al-Qaeda or other movements like Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, or Boko Haram or… or… or…
So this hypocrite Israel claims it shows solidarity with Egypt in the Sinai, and it incites the conflict between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, especially with the Hamas movement.
In Syria, Israel presents itself as the protector of the Druze, while it fully supports the Al-Nusra Front and arms takfiri groups that threaten all Syrians, not just the Druze.
This is pure hypocrisy. It is blatant hypocrisy and deception!
But regardless of the details, Israel that is the mother of terrorism, the source of terrorism, the terrorist country, the entity that was founded by a terrorist organisation, and, to use philosophical concepts, the only state whose very essence is terrorism, whose nature is terrorism, this is the Israel that tries to present itself as fighting against terrorism!


Do you see what times we are in?

It was Israel that just a year ago waged the most merciless war and perpetrated the most heinous war crimes in Gaza . The reports of international institutions at all times exonerated Israel, but failed to conceal the truth: the number of women and children killed by Israel, the number of houses destroyed, all the blood of Gaza civilians that Israel spilt. Having done all that, Israel still dares to present itself as a civilized country. It claims to be part of a project or axis fighting against terrorism. Of course, this is the height of impudence.
We must be careful not to mislead ourselves, because unfortunately there are people who may sometimes, because of the impact of terrorism on them, say “What do I care about Israel? My priority is: is this terrorism attacking me personally!” The existing takfiri terrorism today is among the major adversities faced by our Muslim community. Because these terrorists do not fight on a political basis, or for a political project, but on the basis of religious or sectarian affiliations. All the killings currently taking place throughout the region are committed on this basis, and not on a political basis, or for a valid political struggle.
Well, the final point to prove that Israel is our enemy, who exactly does Israel consider to be a threat? Who according to Israel is a threat? There is only one country which represents a threat for Israel: after what happened in Syria, Syria was removed from the list of threats.
All that remains is — Iran! The Islamic Republic of Iran!
That is why we have seen, during the Israeli conference of Herzliya, before and after, that the spirit of Israel is completely obsessed and captured by Iran, by the Islamic Republic: by its nuclear program, the development of its ballistic capacity, its economy, its democracy, the support of its people for its leaders, the health of its leaders and the health of the country… For everything related to Iran, one can see Israel pay full attention to that, and to work on it incessantly, both inside and outside of Iran and at all international forums.
The only target for Israel is the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with it, the Resistance movements.  
As for Israel, despite all our consideration and our respect for the Resistance movements and for ourselves (there is no harm if we manifest our respect for ourselves!), the Resistance movements have not reached the stage where they are, from Israel’s point of view, an existential danger.
It is not shameful to speak the truth, and that is the truth.
Yes, the Resistance movements now represent a strategic danger, but they have not reached the point of representing an existential threat to Israel.
Today, on the whole of the face of the Earth, the only state, the only entity, the only thing that is considered by Israel as an existential danger to them is the Islamic Republic of Iran. These are obvious and undeniable truths. If someone claims things are different, let him come and explain his analysis to us.
And this is why Israel incites the entire world against Iran: the United States, Congress… Netanyahu is ready to ruin his relations with the White House by urging Congress against Iran… Israel incites the Arabs against Iran… And many of these Arab regimes already have acquired a natural tendency to hate Iran, to be utterly hostile to Iran.This is the reality.
Question: If we calm ourselves a little—as Arabs, as Muslims, as Palestinians, as peoples of the region—and  if we relax a bit and calmly reflect—away from the bullets, the suffering, the screaming, the problems and the Arab channels—and if we ask ourselves seriously: Why? Why Israel … in all the Arab and Islamic world, worldwide, with its billion and a half Muslims, its states, its armies, its peoples, why is it that Israel fears no one, cares about no one, does not pay attention to anyone— except Iran?
Why Iran?
Should we not pose this question on the occasion of the International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem)? Why this total hostility against Iran on the part of the Zionists? Why do we see nothing of this sensitivity, this preoccupation, this anxiety, this fear, this precaution on the part of Israel with regard to Saudi Arabia? Or in respect to any other Arab regime? So it is a logical and natural question: why do they hate and fear Iran so much?
Today, at this very moment, the Arab countries and the Arab armies buy billions of dollars of aircraft, missiles, artillery, anti-tank weapons, long-range missiles… Israel does not care in the least about this!  Because there is a certainty, a confidence, a guarantee, not just a written commitment: they have absolute confidence and certainty in this official Arab mentality, and these official Arab regimes, to the point of having no need for guarantees or written commitments.
And experience is the best proof: for 67 years, what have the Arabs done, most of them? In short, because Israel knows with certainty that the official Arab regimes have sold them Palestine, Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Palestinian people. And the proof is what happened 67 years years ago and is going on to this day.
Well, this year, they paid a visit to Gaza: have Gazan homes been rebuilt? What is the situation of the wounded of Gaza? Where is the blockade of Gaza? How are the people of Gaza?
If a small portion of the billions of dollars being spent on the war against Yemen, the war against Syria, the war against Iraq and the repression of these populations, was spent on Gaza, would we not today have Gaza in a more acceptable situation?
Are not the people of Gaza a part of Palestine? Are they not part of our Islamic community?
And forgive me for expressing myself again like this, but today we are forced to speak in these terms, are not the Palestinians a part of the Sunni community? Are they not Muslims who fast and pray? Why have they been abandoned? Because there is an official Arab decision to sell Palestine to Israel. Palestine has no existence for these Arabs. And the Palestinians are subjected to torture, and to live in ruins, because of these Arabs who care nothing for Palestine!
Who then still carries the flag of the Palestinian cause? Only Iran! I do not say this to praise Iran, but to come to a stance. I request that a stance is taken. Iran is the only country that continues to carry the flag, to face the enemy—Israel!—and refuses to recognise the official existence of this ‘entity’ Israel!
You will remember that Netanyahu insisted that the agreement should include the recognition of the existence of Israel by Iran. And I tell you this: if the entire nuclear dossier should be closed down, and Iran be given everything it wanted on the nuclear issue, including what she did not even dare to dream, Iran would never accept this clause—that Israel be officially recognized—because to do so would be for Iran to betray its own religion—to turn its back on Islam! The Iranians themselves know this!
Iran continues to face its enemy today. It is Iran that supports the Axis of Resistance: its states, its peoples, its countries. It does this politically, morally, materially, financially, in terms of arms. It does this openly. In broad daylight. And this is something that no other country in the region has the courage to do. Despite the severe sanctions Iran has had to suffer for over 30 years, despite the threat of permanent war and the bombing of its facilities, Iran has stood firm. And so Iran continues to remain the only serious threat to the continued existence of Israel.
On this International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), allow me to speak frankly with all you Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Palestinians, and those in the Resistance movements who support the principle of Palestine: you cannot be with Palestine except by standing alongside the Islamic Republic of Iran! And if you are the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then you are the enemies of Palestine also! You are the enemies Al-Quds—the enemies of Jerusalem!
These are not empty slogans.
The only hope remaining after God, the Exalted and Most High, to get back Palestine and Jerusalem from the Israeli occupiers of their stolen land, is through this Islamic Republic of Iran—for it is Iran, and Iran alone of all the Muslim countries in the world, that has remained faithful to Palestine!—faithful in its unflinching support for Palestine and its cruelly oppressed people!


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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