Muslims Defend the Virgin Mary

1. Hello there to all you all Judeo-christians out there. We here at Mantiq al-Tayr wanted to draw your attention to something as well as to make some comments about that something. Wait a second though. A question comes to mind for some reason. Allow me to digress.

What the hell is a Judeo-christian? Maybe it’s a Christian who has replaced Christ with the state of Israel? No sure. Certainly Jews don’t call themselves “Christian-Judeos”. In fact, lots of Jews seem to have it in for Christianity – including those lovely mass murders and their supporters who make up the majority population in Jonathan Pollard’s favorite country. I bet them there Mooselims don’t call themselves “Judeo-Mooselims” and for good reason. But again, I digress.

Oh, wait, I t’ought I a taw a “Judeo-Mooselim”

I did, I did see a Judeo-Mooselim!

Here’s another one.

And here is a Judeo-christian Asshole (A JcA) : [I love it when I digress.]

Okay, back to Israeli television. [No, I’m not talking about NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, ESPN, or the Hitler Channel. I’m talking about Channel Ten in I$rael.]

Here’s a nice example of what the Sacred State (SS) people think of Jesus and his Mother. It’s really funny isn’t it? Let’s see if you enjoy the references to her getting fingered by John the Baptist, using dildos and being a slut as much as the Israeli audience did. Also, portraying Jesus as a fat pig went over pretty well too. Enjoy.

Muslims being Muslims, and not Judeo-Muslims, found this Israeli broadcast offensive and exposed it for what it was. Funny, I didn’t see this done on the O’reilly F*ctor, nor did I see former AIPAC employer Wolf Blitzer comment on it. Also, for some reason that I just can’t quite comprehend, I couldn’t find anything about it on ADL’s website either. However, doing a search on the word “Jesus” on their site leads to some very interesting results.

Anyway, for you Arabists out there, you can listen to the Arabic and ignore the English subtitles. For you “Judeo-christians” who don’t know Arabic, like David Gaubatz, you’ll have to rely on the English subtitles. But at least they are much better than the ones in the video above. Oh, by the way, the Muslims even interview an Arab Catholic priest who clearly understands what’s going in the world a whole hell of a lot better than you do.

So let’s see if the “Judeo-christians” can defend Jesus and the Virgin Mary as well as Hizbullah did. I doubt they will.