Flashback: Outspoken NWO Opponent Poisoned

henrymakow.com — Feb 29, 2016

philip.jpg Anti-NWO activist and writer Philip Jones (left) died Nov.24, 2009 in Denmark after contracting “stomach cancer.”
It’s been more than seven years since the untimely death of our friend and colleague Philip Jones at age 51.
Philip contributed many witty and outspoken articles to this and other websites which no doubt drew attention from the forces of evil, who throughout history have used poison to exact their revenge.
This is as good a time as any to remember the fate of courageous souls who stand up for truth.
‘To summarize, Philip John Jones, before his hospitalization and death, specifically stated that he had felt he had been a victim of an Illuminati “hit.” ‘
Philip Jones – “Happy Danes” are NWO Guinea Pigs
——————- Report from the Danish Gender Gulag

from 28 Nov. 2009 — (Letter from “L.C. Vincent”)

Dear Henry,
Your many correspondents regarding the untimely death of Philip John Jones must be forgiven their suspicions that his passing was somehow hastened by an unseen hand. Having had the privilege to have been in correspondence with Philip for several months before his sudden illness and death, Philip had, for whatever reason, decided to share his thoughts and suspicions about a peculiar incident that seemed to be growing in importance the more he pondered it.
Apparently, around 18 months ago, a woman began to correspond with Philip. According to her, she seemed very conversant with all things NWO, as well as apparently knowing a great deal about other esoteric and arcane subjects. She seemed to be in agreement with Philip’s areas of research. They corresponded, and they decided to meet.

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