I’m Going to Copenhagen but I Can’t Take You

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The Manchurian President, Barak Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to Copenhagen because Lord Rothschild and his vampire and werewolf brotherhood needs financing for the government, which they intend to utilize to enslave the human race. They don’t actually need the money because they can and do print whatever they need whenever they need it. However, they do need for you to be in a state of penury because it is easier to get your attention that way and it has the benefit of removing the middle class from the equation; effectively getting rid of it.

This band of bloodsucking, self-styled aristocrats, has been around for awhile. They sleep in gold lined coffins at night and don’t actually exist as individuals or human beings in the first place. They are the habitation of demons. I’ve made the chain of command pretty clear at this and other blogs. The demons work for the temporal archetype and that archetype is a mask of darkness that veils the light of the one, ineffable divine. Bad guys need something to believe in too.

There is a consciousness that could be called Rothschild, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Murdoch and the rest of the hyena, demi-gods of the underworld. It’s conscious of itself as what it thinks it is but its motive power comes from what runs it; the same way it wants to run you. In order for it to run you, it has to have your permission and there are ways that that can be acquired through atavistic fear and palpable threats, which can’t actually be carried out unless you give your permission… or permission comes from higher up for whatever reason that might concern you.

I don’t know if Obama (rhymes with Osama) has an implant in his head. I don’t know if Rahm (definitely not) Emmanuel has the remote control in his pocket, like Andy Card did with Bush. There’s a lot I don’t know. It’s kind of like when you run into a thug on an empty street at night and he has his hand in his pocket or behind his back. You don’t know if he has a gun, a knife or a club. What you do know is that he doesn’t mean you well, regardless of the weapon he intends to use on you.

Because the populations of our times have become addicted to convenience and comfort they are easily motivated by fear of the loss of them. Because of the confusion of the various conflicting messages that are presented from the hydra heads of the seemingly diverse, single media machine, people have become divided against themselves and lack the unified will to pierce the appearances and see the manipulations taking place behind the productions.

No matter how clear it might seem to many of us, there is something about authority where a part of us still believes that the predators in power have a right to be there. No matter how clear it is to us that the votes are fixed, when they need to be, and that the laws exist to control people and have no impact in relation to those perverting them, we still somehow believe in the equity of these laws. No matter how many lies we hear that are proven to be lies on the following day, we still think there must be some truth in them.

So, Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to Copenhagen to press for punitive, financial legislation against the peoples of the world while, at the same time, it has been revealed conclusively and convincingly that global warming is a scam and the people involved have been caught in the act of perpetrating it.

The hydra-headed, bitch media is remarkably silent about this, except to spin it according to what they want the public to believe. Some aspects of the single media complex (masquerading as competitive units) are simulating outrage about the scientists who have been caught cooking the weather books. That’s just another cloud bank blowing in on a different wind that is part of the same manufactured weather system.

The logical and reasonable response of the people should be to storm the castles of these monsters and drag them into the streets and hang these wannabe Mussolinis from the lamp posts. All that remains, when the government is in the hands of sewer rats and when the laws have been compromised along with the democratic process to where they can no longer be used to protect the rights of those being abused by the system created to serve and support them, is the Ceausescu Remedy.

Will this be implemented by space aliens; evil turning upon itself or a massive up-swell of armed and pissed off citizenry? I have no idea. What I do know is that no one has ever taken over the world and no one ever will. The tale of the Tower of Babel and the record of Alexander, among others, is all testimony to this.

I’ve never fancied myself a part of an angry mob, as a member of a leader. I’m the sort who gets on his water buffalo and rides beyond the gates of civilization to await the unfortunate outcome of one more failed experiment in collective living. With everything that I observe these days, I’m not even angry. I don’t know why that is. Something tells me it’s all going to be sorted out perfectly, en masse and in the minutest of circumstances.

I hate to admit it but it makes me laugh when I hear Obama (rhymes with Osama) say the word Al Qaeda; as if there were such a thing. I shake my head and present a rueful smile to my indifferent monitor when I hear the word, “terrorists”. There aren’t any terrorists except those employed to give that impression and who dress up as those they intend to blame for their acts and who work for Israel, England and the United States; along with various lackeys that serve their interests within the machinery of different governments around the world.

Whatever small terror operations there might be are no more than a police matter; not something requiring armies employed to destroy and torment entire populations in countries whose resources the international corporations covet.

It is bewildering to see important puppets, like Sarkozy and Merkel, along with the rest of the mind slaves, engaged in pumping up the lies and hysteria. They know full well that they are lying and the people who work for them know they are lying and they all nod back and forth at one another as if what they were saying was actually so. It’s a marvel… it really is.

These people are made differently than you or I. I couldn’t do these things for any amount of power or position. I couldn’t imagine doing this. It just wouldn’t happen. They are able to do this without any problem at all. They go to bed at night as if everything were exactly as it was supposed to be and then they get up and go out and do the same thing all over again. It is truly a mystery to me.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) should really dress up as a NASCAR driver. He would look so much more authentic in a jumpsuit plastered with corporate logos. The pledge of allegiance and all the rest of the songs and governing themes should be adjusted to reflect where the loyalty really lies. The military anthems should reflect what the wars are actually for; “From the halls of Rand and Monsanto, to the shores of AIG. We will fight for corporations on the land and on the sea.” Well, you get the idea.

The most astonishing thing of all is that these people (if you can call them that) actually think that this time it will be different. It has never been different, ever, but they are sure that this time it will be. I can only presume that the same force, which has sent them on the road to their certain destruction, has also blinded their minds from the obvious and filled their heads and hearts with the necessary hallucinations to insure their continuing on that ancient road to the place where all insane ambitions and vile actions eventually lead the practitioner. All I can say is bon voyage and may you fully experience the presence and performance of that which you so richly deserve.

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