Only Homosexual Degenerates Win Power—Gregory Klimov

In 1981, Soviet defector Gregory Klimov authored a book for the CIA to secretly distribute to members of the senior staff of the KGB.

His title was a play on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Klimov’s Protocols of the Soviet Wise Men. He wrote it as first person narratative of a series of lectures to top KGB insiders. The lectures are a course on the secret history of Civilization.

In Protocol 3, The Keys to Power, the lecturer reveals that a secret society controls the world.

The lecturer said, “It’s names are legion, but so you can understand I will call it the Homintern (International Brotherhood Of Degenerates).”

What does it take to acquire and hold power over the lives of millions of people?
“Only person with abnormal power drive will win in the race for positions of power. It is an axiom of degeneralogy that degenerates will make it to the top in the majority of cases. Once this is understood, we can continue with the analogy of an Olympics competitor. Can a person with normal leg muscles participate and win a race? Yes, he can. On the local school level. He can also participate and win at town level. He can participate and may win at regional level. He can participate but has no chance to win at national level. He could not even participate at world level competition.

“Did you get the picture? Only person with abnormally developed legs muscles can participate and has chance to win at national or world level competitions. It is the same in the levels of power in the world. ”


“Now we will talk Hi-Tech. Leaders of the world usually have complex of power which helps them to became world leaders. This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is a result of latent homosexuality. We all have seen pictures of insane or semi-insane person, not huge at all, but 5-6 well built medical workers have a difficult time subduing him. This is perfect example of incredible energy that a semi-insane sadistical power-hungry person can produce to achieve his goals.

“Normal healthy people don’t have this drive. How does it happen? We will be talking here about clans. It happened where two families married members to preserve land and wealth close to the clan and if this continues we have inbreeding of genes. Degeneration has three stages: 1. Sexual deviations. 2. Mental illnesses. 3. Inborn physical deformity.

“Once stage 1. infects a clan, degeneration of offspring accelerates. Clan degenerates now consider sado-masochistic traits superior ‘gifts’ and seek perpetuation through tightening of mating close inside degenerate bloodlines.

“If a family tree is healthy, has many new branches with many new and healthy leaves (children) – this is certainly a normal and healthy clan. On the other hand, if family tree is drying up (childless couples) [or] has many dying branches (suicides, mental illnesses) – you are looking at clan entering golden stage of decay.

“Degenerates hate normal people. It is pleasure for them to watch how one semi-insane sadistic leader, chosen by them, goes to war with another semi-insane sadistic leader of another country, also chosen by them. Millions of normal people are dying for the joy and sadistic pleasure of degenerates…

“Masons, Illuminates etc. – are clubs, where degenerates observe behavior of possible candidates and upon verifying real homo-sadistic inclinations of the person – promote him into the real world of power. Older clans that have reached stage 2. and 3. (losing their ability to produce surviving offspring) will seek secret insemination with new clan of physically ‘healthy’ psychopaths.


Within the degenerative community there are different types of degenerates–the good, bad or ugly.

“No questions about it. There are only one thing left to determine — is it an obedient clan or rebellious clan. Just look what this clan supports in the real life. Does it spread poison of decadence in art, science, literature or does it support normal causes, normal art, normal science, normal literature? Good degenerates honor the will of God or nature, become celibate, and do not reproduce and enjoy a golden age of decline.

It is the ugly degenerate clans which cause the trouble in the world. One historical example whose secrets were made public because they were so hated even among the cult was the House of the Borgias notorious Valencian-Italian family of the Renaissance. The patriarch Rodrigo promoted Simony to become Pope or Rome in 1492 . He committed incest with his daughter Lucrezia who was herself a poisoner. The sons Cesare and Giovanni were also murderers, and rapists. This family terrorized even the most degenerate families of Italy till Rodrigo was poisoned in 1503, probably by Cesare, so he could have his sister to himself. There had been bad blood between father and son over incest jealousies. But without the power of the Pope father, Casare’s fortunes reversed and he had to flee to Spain,Lucrezia remained under the protection of a powerful degenerate Italian consort.

But the grandson of Rodrigo through Giovanni became a legitimate priest later. He performed exorcism of demons on high degenerates, used his wealth to build a university, and was venerated as Saint Francis Borgia after his death. This is example of good degenerate in the power structure of the world.

“Now – what is BAD? Bad do follow God and did not follow leaders of degenerate cult, but try to fool God by marrying normal person and destroying her dreams of normal happy life and healthy children.

“They have a weaker power complex and exercise terror at home, but they serve self interests only and cooperate with UGLY. The Good degenerates recognize the Ugly and the Bad and help normal people protect themselves and fight them in society.”

Lucifer is the archetypal revolutionary. Klimov concluded that all social revolutionaries are degenerates. Normal people are content with procreative sex, raising normal families, and do not instigate violence or crave superhuman power. They are content with traditions which sustain equilibrium of culture.