Iran capable of replacing Russian S-300 missile systems: General

A top Iranian military official on Tuesday threatened to take legal action against Russia over a failure to supply S-300 missile systems to Iran, state television reported.

“The Russians have failed to meet their commitment due to pressure from the Zionist lobby and the Americans … and as this agreement is an official one, it can be pursued through international legal bodies”, state-run Press TV quoted Brigadier General Mohammad Hassan Mansourian as saying.

Tehran and Moscow signed an $800 million contract for Moscow to deliver five S-300 missile systems to Iran. The S-300 missile system is a surface-to-air missile system capable of tracking and engaging targets 120kms away, while also being capable of engaging 100 targets simultaneously.

However, Iran is already looking at replacements to the systems as Russia seems less willing to supply the defence systems during a period of deep rifts between Iran and the West over Tehran’s nuclear weapons program. “If they do not deliver S-300 defensive system to us, we have replacements and we can supply our operational requirements through innovative techniques and different designs”, the state-run news agency Fars quoted General Mansourian as saying.

In other developments Iran continued its five day military exercises with an exercise by Iran’s Air Force and missile units to trace enemy aircraft. During the drill the Iranian air defence unit tested various radar defence systems as well as exercises in tracing and chasing enemy aircrafts.