John Seeley: Canada”s Pied Piper of Pedophilia

John Seeley. Click to enlarge

John Seeley. Click to enlarge

Seeley boasted of being friends with Presidents and Prime Ministers – JFK, LBJ and Pierre Trudeau – who invited him to spend weekends at 24 Sussex Drive. All three leaders have been accused of pedophilia. (Thanks for the Memories and Tranceformation of America)


by Ann Diamond — ( June 28, 2015

In his book The Pedophocracy, Dave McGowan demonstrates how western society has fallen under the control of a cult of elite pedophiles. It’s not just that the elite are inbred, uncontrollably corrupt and prone to perversions. Pedophilia is also a well-established system of vetting, grooming and controlling the men in power.
Organized child abuse is rife in Canada, and much credit is due to John Seeley.
Nobody I know has ever heard of Seeley, but he’s revered in academia. He was a founder of Toronto’s York University. He is linked to the secret eugenics movement that has shaped Canadian society since the Cold War.
Rick SalutinSeeley died in 2007 but his name has popped up lately in support of the Ontario Liberal regime’s radical new “sex ed” curriculum. Seeley’s real name was Friedeberg. He was a Sabbatean Jew as are acolytes like Marxist Toronto journalist Rick Salutin, left, who recently called his old mentor an important “educational philosopher” and “the smartest, kindest guy I ever knew.”
Clayton Ruby, Toronto’s beloved civil liberties lawyer, also a Jew, dubbed Seeley “the wisest, kindest man he ever knew.” At York University, Seeley was also Ruby’s tutor. “He taught me how to think.” Did you hear an echo just now? Is this the Toronto Boys’ Choir?

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