Police seized abuse evidence to protect Lord Janner – ex-officer

Alex Varley Winter — Exaro News June 27, 2015

Lord Grenville Janner. Click to enlarge

Lord Grenville Janner. Click to enlarge

Police raided the home of a former officer in a desperate hunt for evidence that the then Labour MP Greville Janner was a paedophile.
Exaro today publishes extracts today about the raid from a former officer, Ian Henning, who worked for Scotland Yard for 18 years before becoming a legal clerk for a law firm in Leicester.
As Exaro reveal today, the sensational statement is key evidence as the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) oversees an investigation into claims of a cover-up by Leicestershire Constabulary of evidence against Lord Janner.
At the time of the raid, Henning was working for Greene D’Sa, and was part of the legal team for Frank Beck, a warden for children’s homes in Leicestershire, who was convicted of 17 counts of sexual abuse of children in his care.
Henning carried out some investigative work at the law firm from 1989 for a possible appeal by a convicted rapist. He worked closely with John Harrison, then a partnet at Greene D’Sa.
The firm consulted counsel, who advised them that someone from the law firm should visit the rape victim.
Henning went to her house in March 1990, and introduced himself. She allowed him into her home and they discussed the case.
Counsel later advised that there were no grounds for appeal.
According to Henning’s statement, he heard nothing more about the matter until Tuesday, December 3, 1991. By that point Henning was seeking a judicial review over what he said was a ban by Leicestershire Constabulary on his visiting police stations to accompany clients to interviews. He drew up this statement for that judicial review.
Although the judicial review was rejected, he was granted leave to appeal. He died in a road accident before the appeal was heard.
But Tuesday 3, 1991, was the day the High Court gave him permission to seek the judicial review.
And it was four days after Beck’s trial ended in guilty verdicts.
First Henning was arrested, although that would lead to no further action.
That same day, that same day police visited his partner at the house they shared on the pretext of investigating Henning’s visit in March 1990 to the home of the rape victim.
But they seemed much more interested in seizing personnel letters between Greville, no Lord, Janner and a boy whom the influential politician is alleged to have sexually abused. Janner was then an MP in Leicester.
Henning said in his statement: “My arrest was a response by the Leicestershire Constabulary to bully, threaten and intimidate me into silence.”
“The police were attempting to fabricate a case against me”.
The partner, who asked to be kept anonymous, told Exaro: “I do not know what I can add to Ian’s statement. They were reluctant to tell me why he had been arrested – on what case. And they had a search warrant, so I had no choice but to let them in.
“The detective sergeant was just very scary. I had to take my daughter, who was only young then, to school. So I was leaving them in the house.
“I was not keen on doing that. But I did not have an option as I did not want her there either, under those circumstances. So yes, it was pretty horrendous really”.
The following extract from Henning’s statement are exactly as they are written, with some redactions or additions by Exaro in square brackets:

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