Is Psychotronic Harassment for Real? — June 27, 2015

Mohd Taufiq is an Ivy League-trained Malaysian civil engineer who believes he is being electronically targeted by Freemasons. I invite readers to confirm or allay his fears.

by Mohd Taufiq — (

Are cell phone towers a factor?

Are cell phone towers a factor?

Sorry for this email, Henry, but I have no one else to turn to about this topic. For the last three years, I’ve heard constant high-pitched, low volume, background noises, several frequencies at once. If I listen closely, I can even detect unintelligible chattering, nonstop, streaming… like two, three or four extremely high frequency whistles chattering away.
Sometimes, I hear discrete changes in the intensity or direction of the stream. In fact, I feel these changes as slight pressure in my ear drums and I flinch in response.
These sounds “reflect” off other sounds, like running water, rustling paper, clanking, thunder, and many other ambient sounds. When they reflect, I hear explicit insults, warnings, and threats to myself (by name) and loved ones.
Sometimes, it subsides but never totally disappears. I even hear my name, with accompanying insults and threats in some sounds emanating from movies. It isn’t free-flow talk, however – just the same 5-6 phrases and insults repeated ad infinitum. It’s very distressing and causes me incredible fatigue to the extent of sometimes being unable to work or focus on mental activity.

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