The Freemason-Security Service Nexus

Those of you familiar with this blog will be aware of the link between Freemasonry, the criminal elite “Untouchables” and the security services or secret service.

Like Freemasonry, the security service or secret service operates on two levels; The official group who carry out day to day legitimate activities and the extremely secret higher level carrying out the dark work.

Look at the JFK assassination for a comparison. He was escorted by secret service operatives carrying out their loyal duty but allegedly assassinated by a higher level of criminal untouchables and secret service operatives, these two opposing groups could have only been brought together through Freemasonry. Is it coincidental that the assassination of Oswald by Ruby and then Ruby’s subsequent death in prison fits the same MO as the two murders in Maureen Spalek’s case listed on this blog.

Freemasonry fits well with the darker work of the security services due to the oath of secrecy taken by all masons when they are initiated. While security service operatives sign the official secrets act meaning that they will be jailed for treason if they speak about their work; Freemasons take an oath to be killed if they give away the secrets of their hidden society. Thus, many higher level security service operatives involved in the darker work of the state are recruited as Freemasons, taking the oath to be sentenced to death if they talk. It is also very fitting for governments and secret service that the oath of silence for brothers guilty of a crime excludes treason.

33rd degree Freemasons including untouchables and high level security service operatives are so closely linked that there is a gray area where they work as one. Security services and Freemasonry work to the same aim of infiltrating every part of society and government. Through the 33rd degree and untouchables this includes terrorists and untouchables with links to terrorist groups.

Many liberty and freedom campaigners have written the dark truth of governments using the terror threat to implement social control. There is no doubt that Security Services have direct access to terrorist groups either through untouchables some of whom head up terrorist groups, Freemasonry infiltration or secret service infiltration.

Governments are powerless to act against freemasonry and are often obliged to aid their cause due to dark work being carried out by masonic terrorist groups under the guidance of the security services as directed by governments as part of their New World Order social control agenda.

These include the 911 attacks, 7/7 attacks and much more. Secret Service, Freemasons and Governments actually indirectly influence and control many terrorist groups through their high level dark operations connections. The higher level Security services operate on a completely different level to main stream “Official” Security Services and are responsible for many of the world most heinous crimes.

The next time you read a news story or watch a TV news bulletin and the story is outrageous consider the control that Freemasons and security services have and would it have been possible to happen without their knowledge?