Charleston: 15 Questions that Demand Answers — June 25, 2015

Dylaan Roof. Click to enlarge

Dylaan Roof. Click to enlarge

Mass shootings are becoming routine.
We know the Illuminati want to disarm Americans. Are they staging these shootings as a pretext?
James Perloff compiles some 15 discrepancies in the latest massacre story.

by James Perloff — 15 Questions about the Charleston Shooting (Abridged by

DISCLAIMER: I was not in Charleston and did not witness the event. I am not asserting that Dylann Roof did not commit the crime attributed to him. If the tragedy occurred just as the media has said, my heart goes out to the victims’ families, and nothing here is intended to disparage the memory of the dead.
However, our country has experienced many false flags. Some have been used to attempt to bring us into wars, such as the sinking of the Maine, the sinking of the Lusitania, and the foreknown attack on Pearl Harbor…
We have also seen false flags used to advance gun control and a domestic police state, as in Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, and France’s Charlie Hebdo. In writing this article on Charleston, I am indebted to Redsilverj, one of YouTube’s top alternative media analysts, for several insights.

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