Britain’s Channel 4 exposes ‘power’ of pro-Israeli lobby

A television program purporting to expose the unknown power and influence Britain’s pro-Israel lobby has triggered a wave of condemnation by British Jews, some of whom accused the report of stoking anti-Semitism.

The report, Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby, was aired on Monday evening by the British broadcaster Channel 4 on its flagship investigative program, Dispatches.
The Community Security Trust, an anti-Semitism watchdog, issued a blistering attack on the program on its blog, which warned that the presenter’s stern admonition that “there is no conspiracy” was a case of shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted.

This was after, the CST said, “one hour of innuendo about ‘pro-Israeli’ moneybags controlling the Conservative and Labour Parties; ‘pro-Israeli’ intimidation of British media; premeditated ‘pro-Israeli’ abuse of anti-Semitism; and sinister music accompanying photos of ‘pro-Israelis’ blurred across Israeli and British flags.” The co-vice chairman of Britain’s Zionist Federation, Jonathan Hoffman, said the program employed the tropes of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. “What did the program say?” Hoffman wrote on the Web site CiF Watch. “Well there were the allegations about money of course – no conspiracy is complete without some filthy lucre and if there is an Israel connection – so much the better.

Watch the program here and judge for yourself.