Superman Film Depicts Rising Luciferian Order

by Aspen — (

The upcoming film BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, due next Spring, is the most openly anti-Christian “comic book” film in cinematic history. This film pits “dying” Christianity against the rise of the Luciferian Order.
Each Hollywood film and TV series represents both the spiritual battle AND the physical battle that is tearing our world to pieces. The X-MEN have done their part for the Sexual Pervert Agenda. The AVENGERS have openly presented the supersoldier program and resurrected the Norse Gods of the Nazi eugenics Master Race cult…while stating that “aliens are coming to attack us for the final battle”.
Yet within all comic book lore, Superman is and always has been the exclusive, superior, defining, and mocking, metaphoric representation of the Son of God.
The first instalment of this film series, MAN OF STEEL, contained many Biblical markers. I’ll point out two of them. Under interrogation, Superman gave his age as 33 years (the age at which Jesus Christ was crucified), and at one point in the film he floated off into Earth’s atmosphere in an iconic posture of crucifixion. There were also messages of infant sacrifice and centralized genetic control.
At the same time, Batman has represented Satan, and human PRIDE gone demonically mad in its WAR against God. By means of superior technology, deception, and a hidden agenda, Satan and his human adjuvants believe they can actually make war upon the Son of God.


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