One Day the Spiritual Sun will Shine into the Prisons of the World

Smoking Mirrors — Jun 11, 2015

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I have always appreciated the Black Panthers. I don’t think they would have appreciated me, being a white man. I don’t hold that against them. I fully understand why they would feel the way they did. Here is a classic example of the injustice that riddles the Noahide court system of the United States. The hypocrisy of this hijacked Land of Oz is stifling. While Zionist fronts like The Southern Poverty Law Center and other Tribe constructs parade under a crusade of public decency and pretend to give a shit about civil rights, all they are really up to is the basest forms of self interest. They pretend to liberation but they are the force behind confinement. Scratch an injustice and you will find an Askenazi handprint. Long ago their genetic code made a pact with the devil and on it goes today.
43 years that man spent in solitary and others spent or are spending decades too. All across the perverted landscape of America, tens of thousands of souls are incarcerated in horrible circumstances. Some of them are only there for the purpose of corporate profit because the private prison industry demands it. Big money is behind the creation of the legislation of more and more laws to cover more and more offenses, in order to provide more and more inmates.
They’re even behind the violent garbage that passes for music and which is designed to provoke the mindless into outrages against each other. You have to really be dumb and desensitized to be influenced by that sort of thing but… apparently there is a big coalition of the willing out there. They broke the Twitter record over someone who had a sex change for the sake of publicity and you can expect an epidemic of this sort of thing to follow now along with various town councils having to consider changing the names of streets over the matter; lots of outside money will be pouring in and lobbying for it. General Mills will even be creating a new cereal called ‘Sweeties’ as a transsexual Wheaties. On it goes but… I digress.
Tens of thousands are locked up in conditions you can’t imagine if you haven’t been there. I have been there. It’s not just the actual experience of it that hammers upon the psyche of those so affected. It is also the censure and approbation that follows the experience. You did wrong, they say and… it follows you. I was set up by the Feds in Washington D.C. …and Virginia at the behest of Scientology because I had, quite by accident, run afoul of them. It didn’t help that I had a public profile as an agitator in those days. What was I agitating for? I wasn’t a political animal. My agenda was to free the mind. All I wanted was to “to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free, silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands and driven deep beneath the waves” and so on and so forth, just wanting to be “far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow”. Yes… I took forbidden comestibles in search of hidden worlds and it was really the last of these efforts that they frowned on; self discovery is against the law. As I say, it’s not just the confinement, it’s the social censure that follows. Because I would not cooperate or admit that I did wrong (and still won’t), I was either incarcerated or on the run for 6 years, with more than half of that inside.
Some years later the same thing happened again, on the furthest other side of the country. Occasionally I will hear from someone slandering me for being a criminal, simply because I got arrested. On this last matter I PROVED that I had been setup and was guilty of no crime.
How hard is it to prove your innocence? How hard it is to prove entrapment? It is very hard. You do not have the benefit of presumed innocence with this defense. By the grace of the hidden hand of the almighty, I did prove it …in the state with the highest conviction rate in the nation. To this date I am still the only person accused of this level of offense who ever accomplished it and I did it with no money and a court appointed lawyer. In other words, I did not do it. Grace came down from the celestial realms. I was even told internally by agents of the same that it was going to happen before it did. With most things that one must experience and endure for the purpose of demonstration, I had no choice in the matter. The circumstances of my first alleged offense were near identical to the latter. My innocence was proven but that means nothing to those who want to believe what they want to believe. These people are enslaved by the same forces that sought to enslave me. I’m guessing they don’t want to free their mind. Uniformed prejudice is a comforting state for those who hate the light.
The Black Panthers, Leonard Peltier and so many others are locked away and remain so. There are others without the celebrity of those mentioned and even worse off but… it’s no problem for Hollywood Satanists to band together to bring about freedom for the Robin Hood Hills killers. Of course, the facts are not important to those who hammered for their release. Do I know definitively? No… but I studied the case deeply and let’s leave it at that. I often find myself on the unpopular side of issues and trends.
Prisons exist to force control of the public’s behavior along certain desired lines. Of course murder and theft and other crimes should be dealt with. That is part of an orderly society. Unfortunately, in these times, the result of one’s crimes is dependent on one’s finances and social status. Wall Street and the international bankers would be a glaring example. The pedophile priests of the Catholic Church is another. The criminal behavior of politicians and other privileged and powerful individuals, also stands as evidence of rank injustice. Some of these have tortured and been complicit in the murders of millions. This is easily proven truth. Those who run the joint make the rules and the rules DO NOT apply to them or their cronies. The historical record of horrific holocausts are suppressed, simply because they diminish the celebrity light of manufactured holocausts that rely on their celebrity for MONEY and as a foundation for the world’s biggest Victim Industry but… the light of truth is dawning on all of that.
♫ Mr Apocalypse♫ is determined to drag the rotting and stinking carcasses of outrageous lies into the brilliant sunlight of the Avatar’s ever increasing presence here. Count on it. It will all be exposed. Oh how they scramble about! Oh how they whine and wring their hands! It will do no good. It may not look like it to some of you. It may not look like it to most of you but… this is what Mr. Apocalypse does and this is what the Avatar does and NO ONE can stand against either. Everything they do to counter them works in reverse. They WILL BE dragged kicking and screaming into the light. They could embrace the reality of their crimes and walk forward under their own power but this is not usually their nature and it is NEVER the nature of a psychopath to do so.
Sometimes I think about those tormented in prisons or hobbled before the stern and unforgiving eyes of parole officers and other wardens of the public good. I’m not talking about real offenders. I’m talking about those who committed no crimes, except to get on the wrong side of government controls; government controls that kneel before the pharmaceutical and liquor corporations. More than half the people who are locked up are guilty of nothing more than possessing a taste for proscribed items which are none of the governments business. Do people die from drugs? Yes. Do far more of them die from LEGAL pharmaceuticals? Absolutely! Do even more people die and offend against each other under the influence of alcohol? Most definitely!!!
Are people locked up for seeking parity and equality? Oh yes! Are people harried and hassled for possessing viewpoints that run counter to the social control, instituted by fiat of international criminals? You bet!!!
Many another might tolerate these things but I will not, not now and not ever. Surely one must have the good sense to understand that there is a time and a place for everything and surely one must possess discrimination and good sense but if one is not equal to the performance of their own liberty, they will not be permitted to keep it. It never hurts to read what those who founded America had to say about these issues. What they said is as relevant now as it was then… even more so; even much more so now because what they warned us about and WHO they warned us about has come to pass.
The odds look good for this Black Panther, 43 years later. I don’t know how they look for so many whose names we do not even know and they are even worse for those in certain other countries. Every day, unspeakable outrages are taking place and every day the privileged enjoy their outrageous lifestyles. It is a paradox. I recognize that it is all Karma and if I knew what led to it, I would know why it is. Even though I do not know why it is in so many cases, I understand the power and force of the laws of Karma here on this plane.
In the end we must rely on the ineffable and I seek to do this with all my heart, to the extent that I am capable and I commune with the ineffable and agents of the ineffable, in the hope of a greater capacity to come. I earnestly seek this. I have no other recourse and I know this to be true viscerally. I seek the hidden amplifier of that which generates my faith and recommend it as a course for others. Time will tell and we shall see.
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