From Fort Hood to Ramakrishna. Don’t be Deceived

Humanity how have you fallen so low. I saw on the S&MSM that Glenn Beck was the new Oprah. I saw that he resonates with people. Can you possibly be that stupid? You make me angry- or someone is lying about you- who can tell in these times?

I am frightened for you, humanity. I wouldn’t wish on you what you are going to get; in your indolence, as your Kentucky Fried ass melds with the plether of your Lazy-boy recliner. Time is getting short, me buckos. I passed every one of you on the way and you were indifferent and incredibly stupid and you just wanted what you wanted and you got it too. You sold your sons and daughters into slavery.

And this just in as I am writing… a massacre at Fort Hood. I know Fort Hood, it’s right outside of Austin. It’s one of America’s biggest military bases. Well let me tell you this is going to be a regular event. Do you want to know why? These men can’t feed their families. In some cases they can’t find their families and you sent them to kill people; women, children, men; who cares? They can’t live with themselves now so they are going to turn it on you. In former times, like at Ardennes, they didn’t know that fat guys in suits had sent them off to these bloody and muddy places.

I will warrant that none of them knew the name of Rothschild, after all, they were young and dumb and full of cum. Those days have changed. First they are going to cause mayhem in their neighborhoods and then they are going to wake up and come after you. You had better run now but it won‘t do any good and please, by all means go into your underground survival camps because, no matter what, you need air and I assure you that the men you trained understand that. Yes… you have a certain amount of air but that will run out. It’s not going to be pretty.

My friends in the military and all the services at all places; do not lash out at your friends and neighbors. Go after the real malefactors. I don’t encourage this because the avatar is coming and he is going to handle that but… if you are that desperate then make it count. You should understand where the orders are coming from. You should know who the representatives of Satan are. Look for who is wining and dining and laughing at you. Do not kill your brothers. You will have to live with this if you do so do not do it.

I was a premier fighter And having been the victim of bullies for all of my early life, when my skills developed I took payback. I am not proud of this. I have to live with this even though not a single innocent person was hurt. It doesn’t matter, even when you get payback on merciless sonsofbitches you are still you and you are not them and you regret it. Trust me on that.

If I had it to do over again I would have gone to India as soon as I left home. I would have climbed the Himalayas and looked for Babaji. But I was stupid and angry and lust follows anger. So I did what all poets do. I fell in love over and over and over again. God liked me so he gave me a woman I have been devoted to for ten years. I couldn’t be faithful for ten weeks before that.

Why am I digressing and telling you this? You miss what is right in front of you all the time. I’m more awake than anyone I know and I still miss it most of the time. The difference between me and most everyone else is that I know I don’t know.

I have been all kinds of a scoundrel in my time… mostly pursuing pleasure… it was never a money thing or a self advancement thing. To tell the honest truth I was lookin for God and I found him/her/it. I found it in spades and the first thing he/she/it did was to make everyone afraid of me. I lost a lot of friends but I never lost the contact with my god. Truthfully there is nothing else and there is no one else. One of the reasons that I admire RamaKrishna so much is that he discovered this more than anyone I know except Maharshi. I will give Prabuphada his due;. I met him at the Brooklyn temple in the early 70’s. He was obviously the real article (it is taking me forever to type this because I have to correct every single word almost).

Long before I discovered the Hindu world and Chinese medicine and ayurveda and the martial arts. I knew there was only one god with different names. The Greeks and The Romans taught me that even though they were polytheistic but I did learn it from them. I learned about god from Nietzsche and supposedly he was an atheist. I especially learned about god from his mentor Schopenhauer. He proved god to me in his denial. I Am one of those people who really study things. That is why I understand almost everything Paracelsus said and Thomas Vaughn and Basil Valentine and Cornelius Agrippa and Jacob Boehme as well, since we are both idiot savants which brings me back to RamaKrishna. As I understand it, he couldn’t even read or write. Well Jacob wasn’t much better.

God chooses seldom and God chooses well, after all, he/she/it is God non? He picks the ones he/she/it likes and it doesn’t matter after that. You are selected by the muse or the highest and he/she/it puts its stamp on you. No matter what you are fucked in terms of any kind of normal life. You finally have to run and hide from everyone. You just can’t take it. Animals you can take; humans not so much.
So let me get back to my point. My brothers in arms. Go put on Dire Straits song of that name and look up why they have that name. And please, don’t anyone give me shit about the lead singer being a Jew. There are a lot of fine Jews. You have no idea. You owe your good health to some of them. But I am not coming in praise of Jews. They are pretty good at praising themselves. Let us not forget the Moors who did more for present civilization than anyone.

But especially let us not forget the abused and seemingly stupid,. retarded or generally strange because there is our greatest wealth. You never know when the person you ignored or punished will some day rule the Earth. God is very funny about these things.

Soldiers I cannot tell you what to do but I know how angry you are. If you can’t contain it do not turn it on your fellows. I suspect this was engineered but what do I know?

I do know that the pigfuckers that think they run the place are very capable of setting this up like they did Mumbai… so I would be very suspicious of any official explanation. They lie and they lie. It’s in their job description.

My father has told me he is going to kick their asses. You don’t need to know any more than that and it took me two hours to type this when it usually takes 15 minutes.

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