Michelle Mone quits Scotland over ‘vitriolic hatred’ of independence supporters

Introduction — June 5, 2015

Former Scottish National party leader, Alex Salmond (center) with Justice Min. Kenny MacAskill and Deputy Nicola Sturgeon (now leader). Note the Masonic symbol being held by Salmond.

Former Scottish National party leader, Alex Salmond (center) with Justice Min. Kenny MacAskill and Deputy (new leader) Nicola Sturgeon. Note the Masonic symbol being held by Salmond.

My family originated in Scotland but emigrated following the 19th century land clearances, which led my great-grandfather to settle in South Africa. It was there during the Boer War that some of his mixed race descendents and my ancestors were interned in British concentration camps. So although born in England, I have little love for the Union.
Until last year’s referendum I was neither for or against an independent Scotland. However, although I now live in Scotland I was struck by the sheer vindictiveness evident among the pro-independence campaigners. Former model and businesswoman Michelle Mone has described it as “vitriolic hatred” and she’s not exaggerating.
Nor is she the only one to feel their venom. Harry Potter author and Edinburgh resident JK Rowling also the felt spite of SNP campaigners after voicing her opposition to Scottish independence; as she too became the target of a vicious online campaign.
The referendum showed substantial support for the Union but because the SNP haven’t abandoned plans for independence — they’re just keeping them under wraps for now — it needs to be spelt out just what they entail. Because an “independent” Scotland would be even less “independent” than it is now.
Like less powerful European states such as Denmark or Norway an independent Scotland would fit perfectly into the broader design of the New World Order. The Scottish Nationalists want to stay in the European Union and NATO too. Meaning that an “independent” Scotland would simply be beholden to the European parliament and the NATO high command rather than the British parliament and its military command.
Scotland has a lot going for it, particularly its people who at their best are bold and innovative. However, like everywhere else there’s both good and bad and among the Scots it appears that the very worst elements are supporting Scottish independence.
It’s more than just online abuse though. Former SNP Deputy Leader Jim Sillars made a point of warning business leaders they would face “a day of reckoning” if they criticised independence.
Rupert Murdoch (left) and Alex Salmond. Click to enlarge

Rupert Murdoch (left) and Alex Salmond. Click to enlarge

The giveaway however, came in the guise of one of Scottish Independence’s most powerful advocates, Rupert Murdoch. Of course Murdoch isn’t Scottish, he’s Jewish, but if it serves his own interests and that of the New World Order he’ll support it. Just as he supported Tony Blair before he became prime minister and we know where that led.
So when Murdoch says an independent Scotland feels inevitable he means that it’s simply part of the overall long term plan. And helping accomplish that plan are exactly the sort of petty, vindictive bullies who tormented Michelle Mone and JK Rowling.
It’s anybody’s guess what Murdoch has been promised in return for his support but make no mistake: there is a bullying element among Scottish Nationalists for whom harassment, intimidation and ruthlessness seem second nature.
Those were exactly the sort of qualities in evidence during the 19th century land clearances. Nor should we forget that it wasn’t the English who evicted poor tenant farmers like my ancestors from their smallholdings but their rich Scottish landlords.
Precisely the sort who today would make deals with Rupert Murdoch.
Finally, I think that what’s happening here is symptomatic of a much broader conflict. Just as Zionist Jews despise gentiles, there are pro-Independence Scots who hate the English. Similarly there are many Jews who want no part of Zionism just as there are many Scots who are proud of their heritage but want no part of the independence campaign.
Both suggest a broader process is underway akin to reckoning. Or judgement.

Michelle Mone quits Scotland over ‘vitriolic hatred’ of independence supporters

Auslan Cramb — Telegraph.co.uk May 31, 2015

Michelle Mone. Click to enlarge

Michelle Mone. Click to enlarge

The lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone has called on Nicola Sturgeon to bring her supporters into line after revealing that she has left Scotland being subjected by “cyerbnats” to a vitriolic social media hate campaign.

In a scathing assessment of the First Minister she said she was a “smart and successful woman” but needed to “take control of her MPs and supporters”.

She accused Ms Sturgeon of allowing the sort of behaviour that saw her threatened, insulted and sworn at online, and said Scotland under the SNP was becoming a place “consumed by hatred and ill will”.

Ms Mone added: “A leader has to take responsibility. I have to take responsibility for my company and my team, why can’t she?”

She said she had spent nearly 20 years building up her company Ultimo from Glasgow and had been extremely happy until things began to change after she became involved in the fight to save the Union.


“I found myself caught up in a growing, and extremely vitriolic social media hate campaign after becoming one of only a few business leaders to come out in favour of both nations remaining together,” said the businesswoman.

“For the first time, I didn’t feel safe in Scotland. I have absolutely no problem with people expressing an opinion, but if you are going to be disrespectful, I don’t want to hear it.

I was called a ‘****’, a ‘cow’, a ‘slut’, as well as being told, ‘I’m going to get it’ and ‘We’ll come and get you’.

“I was also told they were ‘going to throw me across the border’. The mood has got consistently worse and I now believe that the Scottish National Party’s Scotland is becoming a place consumed by hatred and ill will, a place where free speech is gradually being crushed and enterprise is despised.”

Ms Mone added that it was no wonder that she no longer wanted to live in Scotland and had moved away from the place she called home for 43 years.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, she said: “There is only so much negativity a person can take and, now I’ve moved out of Scotland I feel as if a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders.

“I can cope with personal threats and abusive tweets, but the hate shown to anyone who stands up for the Union, or who demonstrates the entrepreneurial passion Scotland is famous for the world over, led me reluctantly to reach the decision to relocate. My increasing international commitments mean it makes more sense for me to live in London, too.

“It’s a free world and people are entitled to give their opinion, but the abuse I have received is typical of the new mood in Scotland, where success is not to be applauded any more, apparently, but to be attacked. Anyone who dares to contradict their view is a target.”

She said she stood by a recent tweet in which she called cybernate independence supporters who directed abuse at her as “muppets”, and added that it also applied to the 56 SNP MPs.

Ms Mone said they had vowed to shake up the House of Commons in the interests of Scotland, but so far all they had done was to “whip up more animosity between two great nations who have stood together as strong neighbours for hundreds of years”.

“The SNP have turned my country into an angry, divided nation and it’s really sad to see,” she added. “I know other entrepreneurs who feel exactly the same, but are not prepared to say it publicly because they want a quiet life.”


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