A little Gotter and little Dammerung

Wrote this a few days ago. I’m back on line now

Dog poet losing it…….

Greetings dear readers…for whatever the reason, my wireless connection is not working and this being where it is; there is no telling when the tech from the company will show up. Until then, postings from me will be sporadic at best. I have to bring in my olive harvest as well. Also, since I have no internet, I have no news, so I can hardly be topical can I? Of course, I don’t really need the news because I can pretty much guess what’s going on. It’s only the specificity and degree of it that I lack.

I’ll be here for at least 3 months and I’m fairly confident that I will be back on line somewhere in that period (grin). I will endeavor to make sure the radio shows keep happening and try to get something out a couple of times a week, until I’m back in the saddle again; me and Gene Autry up against some western skyline. I’ll be on a white horse, waving a ten gallon hat with silver buckles around the brim, with little turquoise cabochons in the center of each, while some unseen guitar player picks out a plaintive melody; could be a harmonica player too… that hasn’t been settled yet.

I spent one night in a hotel room on my way here and so I watched a couple of hours of CNN and BBC news and I was stunned at the impression it made on me. This was the night of the big Baghdad bombing but that was only intermittently discussed. Mostly I saw Christiana Amawhore talking about the opium trade with some network and agent provocateur, hookers who knew all about warlords and traffic routes with lots of mention of Iran and those nasty Taliban. Of course we heard nothing about the people on the other end of the line and who they might be. It was as if they didn’t exist.

Then I heard Fareed Zakaria, the liar, the Zio-shill, pounding on about how evil Iran is and how the election was stolen from the people. I don’t know how he can say the things he does with a straight face. It was incredible to watch the glib lies usher from his mouth. The relentless flow of commercials went on and on; generally repeating themselves. The BBC wasn’t much better. I haven’t watched any network TV in so long, except for the occasional youtube clips that come my way from the alternative news sites, that I had a powerful objectivity in my observations. I don’t know how to describe the way it looked to me. What I do know is that anyone who gives any credence to what they hear there is seriously deceived.

I heard some talk about who was responsible for the Baghdad bombing. It was obvious that they knew nothing but that didn’t stop the speculation, which was all about the usual suspects, meaning whatever that means. Watching the news I came to one dominant conclusion. The news is the information mouthpiece for a world wide criminal organization whose intention is disinformation and the persecution and slander of the competition. The people working for them know that they are working for a criminal organization. In former times it might not have been so clear cut but it is now. People throughout the news gathering and news reporting industries, from the top to the bottom, know that 9/11 was not done by Bin Laden and had no connection to Muslims but they go right on selling the same tired lies day after day, after day. They are going to get a spanking. Mark my words.

I am so fucking tired of lying, low to the ground, shit weasels; pardon my language; some people get annoyed at my delivery but I am a lot more restrained than I want to be. Personally speaking I would like to put my head into a suicide bombers jacket and blow up the entire world; that’s how explosive my head is and how angry I might be if I didn’t have my marvelous sense of control which you are witnessing right now given what I am not saying. Use your imagination.

Once my father decides to stop having coffee and conferring his morning blessings, I will be just that pleased when he gets around to the ass kicking portion of the program. I will personally get down to Kinko’s, if they are still around, and print up the flyers that get handed out to the attendees at the great spectacle of summing up. I’ve had it. Peter Boyle is going to come off looking like a deaf mute once I get going. I’ve had it. I’d rather be a gay man in the Taliban than a member of the white English speaking race. I’d like to hire a team of Apaches to skin me alive so that I can take my skin and beat the bloody life out of these criminal lying sonsofbitches and if that is what it takes to make me angry enough to force the hand of Heaven then I will surely do that.

I’m really pissed off but I guess you can see that. Back during the second, stolen term of the Bush league administration, I sent a number of emails to The White House wherein I challenged George and Dick to a steel cage match. Since I am a much better tactical fighter and far better trained in a physical sense than either of them and definitely in better shape, I allowed them to both have knives and I would fight them for the human race. They could defend the corporations and I would defend humanity in a winner take all title fight to the death. They did not answer me. They didn’t even send any of their hired thugs around. I suspect their hired thugs were too busy covering up the things they were supposed to be investigating; that’s what I suspect.

Now I have the skin traitor, Obama who probably should have replaced Denzel Washington in the remake of the Manchurian Candidate, hoovering Rothschild cock while his dominatrix, Marie Antoinette of a wife, spanks his naughty behind and… he likes it.

I’ll tell you what the almighty told me. I’ll tell you in a conversational way what he told me last year a little before the time we are in right now. He wasn’t talking about me. He told me that too. He was talking about you and not the people who read these blogs…except for maybe a few of you who monitor these zones.

You’re a pack of dirty, treacherous whores. You have no conscience and you serve no god. You are out for yourselves at the tail end of an epoch in which you did nothing but lie, cheat and steal; I guess we should mention the murders too. You faithless fucks did a bit of that too. Well let me tell you something you high toned, high stepping, cosmic targets with a major league bull’s-eye tattooed on your ass. I’m coming for you and I have no mercy left. You have drained every drop from my being. I used to be Krishna but I am all Shiva Tandava now and I’m going to give you what you have been begging me for. I am going to give you what your deeds deserve. Your paltry human imaginations think up a Lake of Fire. Baby… I’ve got much more elegant torments in store for you.

I’m putting you on notice now. The clock… your clock is ticking. I’ve opened a small window for everyone who will humble themselves and seek repentance and that is going to be open for just a little while longer and… once I close that window and take my people home, I am going to scientifically kick your ass in ways that you were never given the ability to imagine. If you think I am kidding then you just wait and see; selah…

I am going to show up right in the middle of what you are doing. I am going to catch you with your pants down and I am going to broadcast it wider than, “All you need is Love” was. I gave myself to you last time and you did what you did. Now I’m coming back and man… you do not want to be on my bad side.

I’ve raised an army of your victims. I’ve given them hearts of stone and hands of steel. I’ve humanized the animals that you tortured and embodied them with fell purpose. I’ve forgiven them in advance and entered into them with the fire of memory. I’m going to balance the scales. You’d better start running now and all you are going to accomplish is to circle the Earth. There will be no hiding place. I’m going to mark you so that they know who you are. I am going to make every tree and bush; every body of water and every patch of ground aware of you and where you are and cause them to cry out and reveal you. See if I don’t.

There was a lot more but this will serve for now.

Source: http://zippittydodah.blogspot.com/2009/11/little-gotter-and-little-dammerung.html

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