Gay “Marriage” is a Cabalist Ruse

Same-Sex “Marriage” is Kabbalist Black Magic

Using the term “marriage” to describe gay unions is a brazen attempt to redefine reality by misusing language.
The fundamental lie of the Kabbalah is that reality is a function of thought. On the contrary, while their ‘black magic’ can manipulate our perception of reality, it cannot alter reality itself.
Nevertheless, by inverting what is good, natural, and true in homage to their god Lucifer, they go a long way toward possessing us satanically.

by Tom Bothwell — ( May 30, 2015

Legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’ necessarily implies (if words are to retain any meaning at all) that same-sex ‘marriage’ is fundamentally equal, i.e., is essentially the same thing, as what we have hitherto regarded as marriage. But is this actually the case? Are they really the same?
The heterosexual union and the homosexual ‘union’ are not the same, or even equivalent. When you bring a man and a woman together, there are new states of affairs that come into being. In the first place, a man and a woman can engage in a genital union based on their biological complementarity. They can also enjoy a deeper personal union on the basis of that special psychological, affective, and spiritual complementarity which the masculine/feminine polarity renders possible.

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