Old Testament Defender Was Ostracized by Jews

henrymakow.com — Jan 28, 2018

True Jews are pariahs in the Jewish community which has unwittingly adopted pharisaism (Satanism.) 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — From Oct 27, 2009

Uriel de CostaMost people think Judaism is synonymous with the Old Testament. But Uriel de Costa (1585-1640) became famous as a Jewish heretic because he upheld the Law of Moses.
In 14th & 15th century Spain, over 250,000 Jews were forced to become Christians on pain of death or expulsion.  The family of Uriel de Costa was among these “conversos” or “Marranos.” A member of the nobility and very wealthy, Uriel studied at a Jesuit University and became a priest. However, he began to question his faith: “Reason whispered in my ear something utterly irreconcilable with faith.”
He read the Old Testament and found it offered “fewer difficulties.” He believed in Moses and “decided to live according to his law.” So he gave up his ecclesiastical office and beautiful home and sailed to Amsterdam with his family. It was a “place where we felt the Jews could live in freedom and fulfill the commandments.” On arrival, he and his brothers immediately “submitted to circumcision.”
De Costa had a rude awakening. Biblical Judaism no longer existed. “After the first few days, I began to understand that the customs and institutions of the Jews were not at all in accordance with what Moses had written. ..the Jews were wrong to have invented so many things which deviated…The present-day sages have maintained both their customs and their evil character. They still fight stubbornly for the sect and the institutions of the evil Pharisees..”
He could not find a basis for most Jewish customs in the Bible nor does the Old Testament speak of resurrection or immortality of the soul.


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