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Visible Origami — May 29, 2015

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One of the things that many people don’t get and which keeps them in a submission that they don’t have to be in is that tendency in so many to go along with the program. Yes, a great deal of the world may be in bondage but you don’t have to be. Here are the words of the master, “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” and… “if God is for me who can be against me?” If they can take you down they can take you down, otherwise you are dancing free. Just because this is a bondage planet in this age does not mean everyone is in bondage. Everyone isn’t. You only become a slave when you cease to be your own master. There are those who can move freely in this world and who encounter no opposition because they do not create that polarity. Sometimes when I am quoting the Christ, it is not Jesus who said it. Regardless, Christ is a station, not a person and anyone speaking from that place is the Christ.
Jesus Christ was always free. He voluntarily submitted to conditions set into play by the ineffable. He didn’t have to. He could have moved Heaven and Earth at any time. Guru Bawa once said, “Jesus was not crucified, Judas was, as he appeared to look like Jesus by those who came for him.” I don’t know about that because I don’t know but I have heard all kinds of things. Just because a book says things happened a certain way does not mean they did. I fully believe in many things said in the Bible but not all of it hits me with the same ringing clarity and I know that major portions of that book were subverted to create a narrative that favors the people who subverted the book and I don’t think I have to say who that is cause their hand is all over it.
Avatars come and display their power at certain times. They always have that power but most of the time the complexity of circumstance does not reveal the connections between events and authors. Sometimes events have to go through a series of stages before they conclude in a result and that is often not a straight line, ‘I struggle to go straight every time the highway bends.’
We have heard that every road, no matter how labyrinthine or convoluted, leads to the ineffable. Some take a tour of many, many lifetimes and some tumble to it quick and head up the royal road lickitty split. Some like the wallow down here. Some like a more ethereal environment. Paradise exists on this world at various times and in various places. Just because we are not there does not mean it isn’t. Just because we are not at peace does not mean peace is not around. It is not only the workings of evil that are often concealed from our eyes but there are other realms that are hidden by magical means. Anyone who has read about Shambala has come across at least one example. In the Andes and the Himalayas and elsewhere, there are groups and contact has been made now and again by determined souls.
This entire world is not what it appears to be and is only a projection of the minds agreeing on certain appearances. If you are in any of these worlds it is by consent. In this time of great change it is imperative that one have an anchor so as not to be swept away. “How firm a foundation”; something like that. All, kinds of things have come and gone. There was a sect called, The Shakers. They built some sturdy furniture, even if they were shaking some of the time (grin). That’s all Kundalini going on there. It manifests in different ways according to the cultural color that provides the environment. It’s like the seven metals of the alchemists and the seven chakras of the East, or the three gunas being the same as sulfur salt and mercury. There are yogas in the western mystery tradition too and different forms of expression that achieve the same end.
One has only to see the many similarities that exist between all of the systems in order to at least get the idea that there is something going on behind all the artifice of this world. Components of ageless wisdom remain, regardless of the darkness of the times. If you are not in darkness your whole world is filled with light; to paraphrase a particular source. If you are in darkness you cannot see but you think you can because of the false light that illuminates the world of shadows. One of the ironies of witchcraft is that they call their book, “The Book of Shadows. There’s no getting around that. Does this make them evil, or more evil than good? Does this make their claims, as all forms of belief do, that they are misunderstood? I don’t doubt they are but that doesn’t mean anything. We’re all misunderstood. They and all of us live in a world defined by our belief system which… is more than just a religious persuasion. It is the ground central schematic of what one believes to be so and it sets the tone and quality of the dream one believes to be real. Real is not to be seen in the band width of the senses. It can be felt in the experience of love and inferred according to pure reason, given that everything is math until it is ineffable (grin).
In this world there are those who seek bondage in sexual and cultural restraints and who, having exhausted their small understanding of the nature of pleasure and being desensitized, have turned to pain for escape, in a tormented and non existent freedom. License is not liberty.
As is the case with all of life’s enduring ironies, that which binds and confines us is also what possesses the capacity to set us free, should we entertain such a course.
So… today is supposed to be the day; today or tomorrow, for that California quake. I post this because the website apparently predicted the Nepal quake five days early. I am amused to see that the scoffer writing the piece said this sort of thing is impossible because of the amount of physical gravity that the suspect planets exercise on Earth. That is not what such things are dependent on. It is about entirely different influences coming to bear. I AM NOT subscribing to anything in this matter. I am not knowledgeable or informed enough; just making note. The information alleged to the Fox News site is not covered except to say that he predicted an earthquake and that is about it. Sooner or later such a thing will happen, of course. My confirmed belief is that nothing happens unless the ineffable says so. There are physical predictors for all sorts of things like the weather and the economy. They are often wrong. Then there are the myriad of psychic systems and some of them use math, like astrology. Then there is the ineffable who doesn’t say much but who is never wrong; if that makes sense.
Enough with that. What we do know is that Nature messed with eventually becomes Nature in reaction. Where and when? That’s not my department.
It sure looks like the bad guys are on rails and they are not unlike an insect pestilence. Wherever things are unsettled, undefended or open to plunder, they are there. Their eyes are glazed with the metaphorical fever of the Treasure of the Sierra Madres. The action and effect of the fever is not metaphorical. If you look at the seven deadly sins you realize that they are all fevers. Every passion is a fever of some order or another; of some level of intensity. Some of them are like Ebola and they consume you or eat you up. Others are a slow rot like Leprosy. I suppose Sloth is like pneumonia. It gets to where you cannot breathe under the heavy weight of your indolence.
As people age, whether they have been good or bad, their face becomes a road map of the places they have been and the things they have done. You can also see the things done to them and how they took it; whether it beat them down or made them angry, whether they just brushed it aside or magically transcended it; whether they are sad or happy. However, it is the eyes that tell the story. It is in the eyes that the interpreted meaning of any particular life has made its statement and where it reveals itself to others. It may not in actuality be what is shown; the meaning arrived at is subjective. The truth of something is not always the medium applied for the understanding of it. What it tells is how it was taken and what that has to do with you, since you are there in that moment with them… in passing or for a longer duration.
Knowing that there is a divine and placing all of your needs and concerns upon that mysterious presence, far exceeds any other means employed by anyone to counteract the slings and arrows, or to understand them or… deal with them. Then, everything has meaning and value because it is all part of the process of one being assimilated into something greater than themselves. If you have given the ineffable the boot because there is not enough room for the two of you, or because the will of the ineffable runs counter to the intents of your own, well… I suppose you are self reliant and satisfied and secure to the degree that the personal self is able to provide and you would know better than I how effective that has been for you.
Once again I am reminded of what Paramahansa Yogananda had to say about it all; “If you don’t look for God in the Spring time of your life, he won’t be there in the winter.” That phrase has had a remarkable impact on me, even more so, given that the ineffable showed up one day and said, “Well look at that. It isn’t even winter and I’m already here.” First off he reminded me of the quote.
There are all kinds of earthquakes.
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