The Golden Goose Of Holocaustianity

And the Real Reasons for Irana-phobia

Given that–by all appearances–a bucket of gasoline is about to be poured on an already out-of-control-fire in the Middle East viz a viz an attack on Iran for completely irrational reasons, it is worth pondering the big “WHY?” regarding the Jewish state’s obvious-to-a-blind-man maniacal drive to see that nation and her 70 million people wiped off the map. After all, the indicators (from agencies no less in authority than the IAEA as well as the United States’ intelligence community as delineated in the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate) are that Iran is the one with clean hands here. Not a single neutron has been discovered even suggesting Iran is what she’s portrayed being by Jewish interests, namely a maniacal, fanatical, messianic nation bent upon destroying the world.

Of course the easy answer (and the one most folks who’ve spent any time dealing with the Jewish question will give) is that this is business as usual when it comes to these people and their historic, organic sense of paranoia. Tragically, they are a people whose entire identity is wrapped up in categorizing slights and insults going back thousands of years, who dunnit and who’s planning to do it today and tomorrow, and all of it the result of envy and jealousy on the other guy’s part and never anything related to aberrant Jewish behavior.

The other reason is slightly technical in its politics, dealing with Israel being the only superpower in the Middle East, which certainly makes sense. After all, how can you maintain the very notion upon which the Jewish state is based–meaning that it is the very headquarters of God Himself since it is the homeland of His chosen people–if there is someone more powerful in the region than her, similar to the evil queen in Snow White and how she had to eliminate her competition if she were to maintain the notion that her own beauty was not only unsurpassed but as well unchallenged.

The other possibility is a bit darker, but just as credible in the bigger scheme of things, albeit somewhat difficult for otherwise sane-minded individuals (meaning those not tainted with this dangerously addictive substance known as Jewish thinking) to comprehend.

The destruction of Iran–just like Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine before it–is nothing short of a black mass where human sacrifice takes place in appeasing a certain racist, bloodthirsty god. In many ways the Jewish state is that city portrayed in Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto where innocent, helpless others are kidnapped and slaughtered in a very pubic, brutal way in the interests of keeping the people of that city rallied ‘round the flag.

In understanding Israel’s MO, we must first understand that the foundation upon which her entire existence is based is one of a dark, backwards, tribal, barbaric mindset disguising itself as a “religion”. To this day, virtually all her religious festivals celebrate the death and suffering inflicted by Judaism’s patriarchs and matriarchs upon others. Whether it is Purim (the slaughter of 75,000 innocent Persian–re, Iranian–civilians) to Passover (celebrating the death of all the first-born of Egypt and the bankrupting of that nation when Bernie Madoff’s cousins pilfered all the gold and silver of their neighbors and then high-tailed it out of there like a bunch of gypsy banditos) the Jews are indeed as they say, a “people of the past”.

As such, the serial wars inflicted by Israel upon the nations in her vicinity are in effect a way of them “returning to their roots” as it were and thus connecting with the mother ship that guides and instructs her and her people.

Other reasons equally important in understanding the build-up of Iran as the new Nazi Germany and subsequent destruction are actually quite easy to comprehend, and particularly for those who have lived in the post-holocaust era and understand the inherent significance in that oft-repeated phrase “There’s no business like shoah business”.

The idea that the existence of the Jewish state is intrinsically and existentially tied to wielding the Holocaust whip against the gentile world is a no-brainer. For half a century, the Holocaust has been the proverbial golden goose that not only birthed the Jewish state, but has continuously suckled and coddled it.

But, alas, just as all things rooted in untruth, the old girl is growing weary. She does not spit out those golden eggs with as much ease or frequency as in years past. World leaders are now beginning to ridicule the very idea of the holocaust and people have just plain had their fill of it. They’re tired of hearing the same broken record all the time used as an excuse to pick their pockets, rob them of their freedom and send their loved ones off to fight in Israel’s wars. As well, every other week it seems yet another holocaust memoir is being revealed as a fraud.

And besides this, there are the demographics to consider. The bottom line is that they’re running out of Holocaust survivors and have not (as yet) perfected the business of cloning so that new survivors can be kept around in perpetuity. Yes, they have been somewhat successful in getting the kids and grandkids involved in this shtick so as to create a whole new chorus line, but as of this moment no one is kicking down the doors to listen to the same old worn out testimony from 3rd and 4th hand sources.

And finally, there is only so far the Jews-despite their magic-spell factory known as Hollywood–can go in making movies about an event that day by day reads like the opening lines of the 1st Star Wars movie–“A long time ago in a place far, far away…”

So, with the holocaust magic goose ready to expire, what is the Jewish state to do? Live as an honest, productive, self-sustaining, non-parasite? To earn her daily bread by the sweat of her brow rather than extort money from Gentile nations in the form of foreign aid and holocaust reparations?

Perish the thought. She would (could) no more be inclined towards something like this than the wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood tale would be inclined towards becoming a vegan.

The obvious answer then is simple–find another goose, new and improved, with a different color and different quack but of equal reliability and productivity.

And what would be the golden egg of this new goose? Simple–gratitude and its natural byproduct, indebtedness. Whereas before, it was a case of–

“You horrible Gentile nations…You saw it coming and yet did nothing. He was the product of your 2,000 years of Christian anti-Semitism. Because of you, we suffered and now you owe us, so fork it over…”

it becomes a case of

“You idiotic Gentile nations…WE saw it coming, the threat of Iran upon the whole world but you didn’t. You sat back, just as you did with Hitler and did nothing, but we, the Jews, God’s chosen people, filled with the divine spark, saw the approaching evil and acted when no one else would stand with us. We saved the world and now, as a result, you owe us, so fork it over.”

And then, “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”, WMD’s are “found” in Iran (as they were not in Iraq) along with papers detailing the “final solution” Iran was planning involving nuclear Armageddon for the whole world and–BATTA-BING–the Gentile world is on the hook YET AGAIN for another 50+ years to the Jews, only this time instead it born out of guilt it’s born out of gratitude. The Jews will have fulfilled their messianic aspirations of having saved the entire human race and the Gentile nations will have no choice but to bow down before them as the gods they imagine themselves being and incense (in the form of money flowing to Israel) will be burned in their honor. Whenever Israel decides to relive the glory days of her Old Testament patriarchs by dropping more phosphorus and one-ton bombs on Palestinian or Lebanese civilians the world will remain silent, knowing that the response to any criticism on their part from the Jewish state will be something along the lines of–

“Who are you to tell us anything? You didn’t even have enough sense to stop your own annihilation. We pulled your bacon out of the fire so shut the f*** up and leave our business of genocide to us.”

There is a common theme found amongst all captive peoples. As the time of their bondage approached and the signs were everywhere, the feeling was–“It can’t happen here”.

And likewise with those who see a marked increase in the heresy of Holocaust denial these days and believe it indicates that the reign of terror by Jewish interests is coming to an end.

Like a strain of flu that eventually becomes impervious to antibiotics, what the Jews have proven time and again is that they merely adapt. Likewise will it will be when the new and improved Holocaustianity is ushered in with a bang following the destruction of Iran and as the old shackles are replaced with new ones and we Gentiles continue to toil in the fields and all for the benefit of the masters in the mansion.