My Illuminati Nightmare Part III

Once I realized that Brian Braddock was the brother in-law to William Braddock(secret Chairman of the Board of Farmers Insurance) I knew that honor and justice were not to be. Farmers or their dupes had already made two attempts on my life and I knew that they would resort to nothing to destroy me after that point.

Interestingly enough, one Richard Braddock was a Director of Marriot International, a Mormon owned business. He is also a member of the Illuminati shadow government, the CFR. Richard also has direct ties to Mitt Romney. The Mormon Illumina ti pawn/or leader, Mitt Romney also sits on the Homeland Security Council. The same group that continues to increase the powers of the police state and is pushing us towards a military dictatorship.

While Mr. Romney claims no connections to the Council on Foreign Relations, we have just established one in this post. And, there are many others. Add the title “Union Buster” to Mr. Romney’s other credentials. In my opinion, he is no better than the rest of the Utah Illuminati.

Anyway, I digress. As I have already pointed out, Farmers Insurance is still owned in part by British American Tobacco, the elite’s front company for the Opium and Narcotics trade. Perhaps that is why they did not want an honest man running the biggest Farmers Insurance District in Utah. Maybe I interfered with the other “operations”. Utah, by the way, reportedly has a heroin epidemic going on. I have linked Illuminati Mormons to this in a previous post.

Now, back to the story.

I knew that I was a “Dead Man” and so I released some of the emails that Farmers CEO and his VP had sent me. I knew that my only protection was exposure. Farmers contacted me and immediately asked to “settle our differences”. I agreed. My situation was worth a multi-million dollar settlement. Knowing that a “Dead Man” can’t use that kind of money, I offered to settle for the amount of money I had invested in the District ($100,000).

My plan was to expand my wife and her partners Marketing company, Contact Management and pursue an independent insurance and mortgage agency. To my chagrin, Farmers had blackballed me in the industry and I was unable to secure a license with any of the carriers. I also found out that my phones were tapped and my computer was hacked. They knew every move I made and successfully undermined all of my attempts to make a living.

At least I had Contact Management! At that point it was generating around $40,000 per month but neither I, nor my wife had drawn a paycheck. Instead I asked the managing partner to reinvest the money back into the business and to hire a few of the “victims” (Kevin Hatton for one) from Farmers “Mormon Massacre”.

When I went to our “partner”, Jill Beard and gave notice that I would be working full time with Contact Management, as previously agreed, her lawyer served me with a restraining letter that prohibited me from entering the building. This was a “blindside” blow to me, as I had brought Jill Beard into the business and helped her grow it!

Anyway, I contracted with my first lawyer. He went from enthusiastic to “scared to death” in a matter of days. I of course, smelled a rat. True to form, he brought me a “settlement” offer that was worse than anything I had ever seen. I declined and hired a new lawyer. This one was my next door neighbor.

We went to court and I was awarded a temporary restraining order by Judge Medley, in the Utah State Courts. I booted Jill and her “ilk” from the company premises and began to wade through the piles of papers she had left behind. I learned the following:

1. She had been paid $100,000 from Farmers Insurance within days after I filed my complaint. This told me that they new the filing was coming and were laying the groundwork to destroy me.

This $100,000 was reportedly for telemarketing to Farmers Insurance Securities clients. No work had taken place, as Jan had stopped paying the telemarketers and blamed me for them not getting paid!

This money came in installments. Farmers continued to pay Jill even though she never did any work for them in return. Farmers also let Jill borrow 10-$15,000 form their broker dealer. Both the Broker deal loan and the service contract for selling securities were illegal under SEC guidelines.

2. She had fraudulently opened a line of credit by forging my signature and my wife’s on the application. Then she ran it up to over $40,000 before the bank shut her down. This loan was through NOVA systems and I have not been able to get it off of my credit or my wife’s.

3. She also opened other credit cards in my name and did many other things designed to destroy me and my reputation. My credit is still shot and I have been forced to pay cash since that time (2002). Prior to this, I had perfect credit scores.

I went back to court, showed just part of the damage, and ended up with total control of the business. Obviously, there was nothing left and all I had was a building eviction, ruined credit and a bad reputation with anybody Jill had done business with as the Managing Partner of Contact Management.

4. I was forced to go after Jill criminally. About this time, I was visited by a woman Secret Service Agent and her partner. I was told that if I prosecuted her, they would be coming after me. I now realize that Jill was involved in other activities of a “presidential nature”.

My attorney told me, before I got rid of him and hired yet another lawyer, that “Sometimes, when you get in the cage with a 500 lb gorilla, the gorilla won’t let you leave the cage alive.” He later offered me a job managing the retirement funds of a union if I “dropped things”. Draw your own conclusions here folks.

So, as the reader can see, it wouldn’t have made any difference if I had gotten 20 million from Farmers Insurance when I settled. The made me spend the $100,000 I received. They could have just as easily created another 1.9 million dollars in problems for me.