Fidel Castro Exposed by Former Bodyguard — May 10, 2015

doublelifeCommunism is a ruse which allowed Fidel Castro to force ten million Cubans to work for $20-30 a month in the name of socialism while he amassed $900 million from drug trafficking and corruption. Cuba was the Spain of the New World. But after the revolution, it was frozen in time; Havana a city in decay.
Why do US liberals idolize this evil and ruthless dictator?

Ex-Bodyguard Exposes Castro’s Drug Dealing etc.

by William Jasper

A private luxury island estate with yacht, palatial home and top-of-the-line amenities. A royal lifestyle. Mistresses and illegitimate children. A drug empire. Murder of loyal subordinates for political expediency. These are some of the revelations in a new book, The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Lider Maximo by Juan Reinaldo Sanchez. Published in France last year, it is being released in English on May 12 by St. Martin’s Press.
For the better part of six decades, communist dictator Fidel Castro has been the darling of the Hollywood glitter set, the tenured radicals of academia, and the establishment media gallery. Even when forced by unavoidable facts to acknowledge his despotic tendencies and the oppressive nature of his regime, Castro’s apologists have always sought to soften all criticism by claims that “El Jefe” (The Chief) is a “man of the people,” a “beloved leader,” a “tireless worker,” a true son of the revolution. A central part of that scripted myth is that the selfless “Lider Maximo” (Maximum Leader), now 88 years old, lives an austere lifestyle, in solidarity with the economic hardships endured by the Cuban people in their Castro-imposed socialist sinkhole.
Now, as the Obama administration prepares to normalize relations with Cuba, the book by Sanchez is shedding new light on the dark shadows and hidden corners of the totalitarian regime run by Fidel and Raul Castro, including the typical double standard that has been the hallmark of all Communist Party-led “People’s” regimes: luxury and privilege for the Party leaders — privation and squalor for the people.
The book by Sanchez appeared first in French last year and is appearing in a English edition to be released by St. Martin’s Press (an imprint of publishing giant Macmillan) on May 12. The New York Post published pre-release excerpts from the book on May 3.

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