The Sleepwalker Factor on the Road to 2012

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Life can be very tough or it can be a walk in the park. The jury is out on which is preferable in the long run. I know people who had an easy go of it early on and people like myself who had a rough time. In later days, I find that those who had an easy go do not now have the will for persistence, because they had nothing to grow against in the beginning. Like it or not, adversity makes us strong.

Another point is that we are all given propensities that we must experience and overcome. The majority of people settle for some compromise with their shortcomings. They justify them. They deny them. They put a cloak of virtue over them or they plead the exigency of circumstance as the culprit. This all points to the prevailing disposition not to be honest with oneself. Failing that, we fail in any case because we wander in a carnival of the unreal.

One has only to watch the world and the personalities who play upon the stage; small stage, large stage, no matter. In many cases the smaller the stage the better because the humiliation is less, as is the sense of loss. We note the wide success of despicable characters in our present day. By example I will mention Tony Blair. Very few people who have his acquaintance, in his theater of operation, like him very much and most leaders in the European Union would prefer he not be named as president shortly …but the forces behind the scenes are a different matter. There’s a reason for all of this.

We note the preeminence of certain so-called spiritual leaders who express very little of the spiritual in their intentions and deeds. We note that many spiritual teachers are nothing more than business men in mufti. We are not referring to the Islamic meaning of the word in this case. We note that through the ages there has been a wide divide between those whose ambition has over reached their good sense and those who have labored in selfless service.

I’ve said a number of times that everything is under control. As with anything that has a cosmic meaning to it, there is a complexity of interpretation when the mind becomes engaged. The mind is both your greatest enemy and potentially your greatest friend. It depends on who is running the show. Well, you and I are never running the show. We might think we are but that is simply an indication that we will find out otherwise at some point. The impact of this awareness is not usually subtle.

Most people on this planet are warring against themselves as they move through the continuum. For some the struggle will not abate until they have achieved the balance and harmony sought. For most, an arrangement will be made and their personal cassette will play out until the tape ends and another is programmed to follow.

I’m not concerned with people realizing their dreams and personal ambitions. Some will and some won’t and in neither case is satisfaction going to be the enduring result. I’m concerned with the people who have realized that all dreams and ambitions are temporary fantasies.

At one point I wanted to be a major league baseball player; an archaeologist, a rock and roll star and a few other things that I got some degree of proficiency in. At around sixteen I began writing poetry and that consumed a number of years with the lifestyle that attends such employment. This evolved into the dramatic arts and musical performance that then embraced stand-up comedy with political overtones. My activities in most of these areas brought me to the attention of the law enforcement community and a whole lot of trouble.

I worked as a restaurateur and on the radio. It was pretty clear to me as I went that nothing I was employed at was going to be sufficient to what I was actually seeking but I had to maintain some kind of environment and support system, while I was searching. I still do some part of all of these things except for the baseball but they are just routine extensions of something that is going on at another level and whatever I might be doing is an expression of that, like this post.

We’re all doing some version of this at the moment. We’re not all engaged in something, apart from the things we are doing, that influences what we do in terms of our personal evolution. At the same time, yes we are all doing this but with different results. Some of us are consciously engaged and some of us are sleepwalking. You cannot engage a sleepwalker in a conscious exchange. They are not relating to you at the time. They are relating to the dream they are in. A sleepwalker will not be capable of rational understanding and exchange until they awaken partially. Let us use the example of someone coming out of sedation after a medical procedure. There’s a difference between being under the influence of nitrous oxide in the dental chair and a surgical anesthesia compound. Ergo there is a difference between the relative states of different sleepwalkers. If you’ve had an operation, you may remember how you were as you were coming off the anesthesia. You might remember that you were somewhat incoherent and you might not have understood what was being said to you.

The reason for the world, as we know it, is due to the sleepwalking factor. Those who operate in a predatory manner are aware of the sleepwalking factor. Some of them are sleepwalking too. Some of them are partially awake but it is always difficult to define the mindset of those engaged in conscious evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It could be just as difficult to understand those who are doing good for the sheer joy of it and it can also be difficult to tell the difference because some part of the one group masquerade as members of the other.

In times of material darkness, the spotlight is on evil as the preferred route to follow where success is concerned. As a result, many sleepwalkers are encouraged in their dream state to take this route; the dog eat dog syndrome. Up is made to appear to be down. Forward is presented as backwards and vice as virtue. There is an agreement between the sleepwalking predators; the semi-conscious predators and the hypnotically manipulated, uncommitted sleepwalkers to behave against their own best interests because of false labeling. Everyone agrees to embrace a convenient lie in expectation of their piece of the pie.

This sort of thing goes on from age to age with occasional interruptions in the routine. We now approach a time of such interruption and the sleepwalking brigade is going to be meeting a force of awakening. For some this is going to be more traumatic. It depends on the degree of sleep one is experiencing. There’s no way around this. It’s going to happen. It is happening now and there are some numbers of people who are coming out of the sleepwalking state. For many of them it is a disconcerting experience but accommodation is a natural result in the process.

There was a great teacher of the last century named Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. He said it the best in terms of what is coming. I’ll have to paraphrase because I doubt I remember it exactly. He said, “When God comes to awaken you he first shakes you gently on the shoulder. If that does not work he shakes you harder. If that does not work, God picks up a two by four”. Whatever the case may be in your particular case, awakening is the demand and it will be achieved at whatever the cost of the action required.

If you’ve been suffering at the hands of this world from the seeming curse of being partially awakened then you’re going to be in positive anticipation of what is coming. If, on the other hand you have been sleepwalking through the fields of appetite, you will not be so welcoming based on the degree of your sleepwalking resistance. What I have been discussing here is now closer than it appears as you can read at the bottom of your side view mirror.

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