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Rixon Stewart – September 4, 2009

Regular visitors to this website will have noted its been down recently. This is the result of cyber attacks, which may well foreshadow the approach of something far more ominous.

Throughout March until mid-April, 2009, this website experienced similar attacks, although not so much down time. This was no coincidence. At the time Russia warned Iran that its surveillance satellites had spotted Israeli preparations to strike a large military air-show north of Tehran.

Iran promptly cancelled the display and dispersed its aircraft; thereby preventing a repeat of the 1967 Arab/Israeli War when Israel destroyed most of Egypt’s Air Force while it was still on the ground.

Had those strikes gone ahead in April we would now be engaged in a full blown global conflict. And whoever was behind the cyber-assaults wanted to ensure that few were alerted to its approach.

That was not the end of it for although the attack on Iran was postponed it is still very much in the pipeline. And whenever it starts it will not be confined to a bust-up between Israel and Iran.

A psychic friend, who accurately foresaw the invasion of Iraq and the aborted April attack, still sees war with Iran ultimately leading to a world war.

Given that its continued emergence as a global power depends on Iran’s oil and gas, China has every reason to ensure that they don’t fall under Western control.

Likewise, Russia has growing ties with Iran and as we’ve outlined elsewhere, Western military chiefs met secretly late last year to draw up contingency plans for large scale military operations, somewhere, in the near future.

So the clock is still ticking toward World War III.

Together with the start of a rapidly escalating conflict with Iran, anticipate a widespread civil clampdown on both sides of the Atlantic. With the possible imposition of martial law leading to opponents of the war being rounded up and interned.

Along with this we may also see a program of compulsory vaccination. Indeed moves are already underway for enforced vaccinations across the U.S..

The prospect of epidemics is being used to promote this while natural preventative measures are being ignored. And real or contrived, the threat of epidemics could very easily be used to impose mandatory inoculations.

Coupled with this there is a growing recognition that our political leaders do not serve the “will of the people”. As this realisation spreads they are upping the ante. Hence moves are underway to initiate war with Iran and use the escalating conflict to impose a clampdown.

Despite the best efforts of their spin-doctors however, the REAL face of political power is becoming evident. Our leaders are not ‘servants of the people’ but actors in a charade staged in collusion with the corporate media.

This is now obvious in the likes of Obama and Brown, who are effectively no different from their predecessors. Media pundits may make much of supposed political differences but essentially they all follow the same game plan.

There is however one new element in world affairs that few have recognised although it was prophesied long ago.

Muslims refer to him as Dajjal, literally the impostor messiah, while the ancient Persian Zoroastrians foretold of a dark and destructive messiah they referred to as Ahriman.

In the early 20th century, Christian esoteric teacher and researcher Rudolph Steiner also spoke of Ahriman. He would, said Steiner, emerge in the early 21st century in North America and his incarnation would be in distinct counterpoint to Christ’s.

Ahriman's head carved by SteinerIn fact most Christians now know him as the “anti-Christ”. So here it is appropriate to outline some of his characteristics as described by Steiner because, yes, we think we’ve spotted him.

Otherwise known as Satan, Ahriman is distinct from Lucifer. Although the two often work in tandem their methods are different. Whereas Lucifer works in ways suggested by words derived from his name – illusion, delusion and the false light of counterfeit spiritual illumination – Ahriman seeks to entomb mankind entirely in the physical realm.

Hence, Ahriman is in his element in hard scientific materialism, which at its most extreme claims that there is nothing beyond physical reality. He is at home in statistics, quantitative proof, material greed and rampant consumerism; while intellectually he can be found in a literal interpretation of religion, in technology and in the sphere of commerce and business, particularly in banking and high finance.

According to Steiner, Ahriman’s incarnation is only part of a cycle spanning millennia. Lucifer incarnated in China in the third millennium B.C. then came Christ and now we are about to witness the third and final act, although many will not live to see its finale.

Nonetheless Steiner was at pains to point out that we should not flee from what is approaching. Instead we should learn from it because what about to unfold is a coming of age lesson for humanity.

Just as we cannot entirely dismiss the qualities embodied by Ahriman – hard logic, monotonous and routine reality, sensory bound materialism, quantifiable science – we cannot reject those expressed by Lucifer either.

Luminous imagination, subconscious wisdom, flights of fantasy, gnosis and other impulses inspired by Lucifer play a vital role in human life. The critical point, said Steiner, was to find a balance: in effect create a synthesis between those qualities embodied by Ahriman and those expressed by Lucifer and to do that a third force is required – the Christ force.

Here it should be noted that most of what is called “Christianity” today – be it the papacy in Rome, “Christian Zionism” or the Church of England – is now so divorced from its roots as to be detrimental to genuine Christian impulses.

Even so, real Christian impulses will be vital in dealing with Ahriman in his current incarnation. Nonetheless at the risk of disappointing readers, I’m not going to name him – that’s for you to fathom. But I am going to leave a couple of pointers.

First of all expect the pace toward conflict with Iran to quicken in the coming months.

Obama has done his reaching out toward Iran, acting the role of the ‘good guy’ while studiously ignoring Israel’s own nuclear weapons, which is what prompted Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program in the first place.

IF indeed it has one.

And make no mistake: Israel is pushing relentlessly to eliminate the supposed threat posed by Iran.

We may even see another false flag like 9/11.

Whatever happens, the pace of events will quicken along with a change in the tone of diplomatic dialogue. The talk will no longer be about discussions and negotiation but of ultimatums with the looming threat of a military showdown.

In fact this has already started. Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Foreign Minister, a key player in the European Union and long time Bilderberger, has declared that if Iran wants confrontation then confrontation will happen.

When it begins expect to see a relative unknown step-up to a key position in the U.S. administration. The post may not even exist yet, just as the Department of Homeland Security didn’t before 9/11. Whatever it’s called though he will be responsible for coordinating the war effort, overseeing internment camps, vaccination programs and the like.

It’s here that Ahriman will come into his element. Watch for someone relatively young (35 to 40) with a background in science and finance. Be alert to the possibility that initially he will also be acknowledged as a saviour of some sort.

Although not acclaimed for spiritual achievement, he will almost certainly be hailed for putting together a scientific or economic rescue package. He may even be credited with helping reverse the current economic downturn.

Like any conjuring trick though it will be an illusion, a ruse used to elevate him to higher levels of power.

Ahriman’s underlings have now assumed pivotal positions around the world and he’s already appeared briefly in the public arena. This was simply to establish him, subliminally, as a figure of authority. Although few recognised him he will soon reappear to do what was ordained thousands of years ago.

Instead of a promised economic revival he will bring only profits for the arms industry. This is a particularly fitting given that it is an area of activity where Ahrimanic leanings are prevalent, especially in the high tech sector.

For centuries his disciples have secretly prepared for this incarnation. From the birth of an industrial revolution driven by science and desire for profit, to a consumer society founded on greed and materialism; the ground has been readied for Ahrimanic impulses to take root and flourish, as unwitting humanity has been set up for his arrival.

Now on the eve of his grand debut a huge war is being prepared: a suitable backdrop for him to step up and take command as, almost literally, all hell breaks loose.

Finally let me repeat: look for someone with a background in banking, economics, science and advanced technology.

Across the world things are moving. We are heading to a war of unprecedented magnitude, bigger than the last two world wars put together. The world as we know it will be transformed and presiding over the carnage will be a “dark messiah” long foretold.