Surfing the Beaches of Deadwood with Lt Col Kilgore

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Well, I can’t link to the S&MSM because the force I work for doesn’t want me to add to the number of people reading the lies written in human blood on the mainstream billboards of “The Fifth Element” world but… but I suspect Gen. Stanley McChrystal is none too happy with that little event in Kunduz where they blew up some larger number of poor Afghanistani’s siphoning fuel from hi-jacked tankers and just kinda mizzed the (cough-freedom fighter-cough) terrorists and what else is new?

Huh? War’s not new and this war’s not new and there’s collateral damage in my mulligan stew. There is a way to pacify and consolidate Afghanistan and that is to kill every living creature there with a thermonuclear blast but short of that you aren’t going to succeed. The reason is the Hindu Kush, among other things. Some colossal hand reached down and grabbed the fabric of the world awhile ago and squeezed it with a pull, which caused an impossible complexity of mountains and valleys over a whole lot of landscape that just cannot be contained unless you send in more people than you can get or… well there is no or. Or died in Catch 22 or maybe not.

I suspect that Gen. McChrystal is going to find that he can’t do Lt. Col Kilgore like Robert Duvall could because Duvall had the advantage of being in a movie instead of real life. Even though it is my contention that real life is a movie, there is that question about the remote that still hasn’t been answered to everyone’s satisfaction and… of course the fast-forward and replay is not available and so on and so forth.

I don’t have any questions about the remote or even the ‘up close’ but then I’m not trying to take over the network, the movie or the world …or make the world safe for Israel or whatever it is they are up to because aren’t the Turkmen mineral assets being managed by one time Mossad agent Yosef Maiman? I don’t know about the rest of you. For me it’s pretty easy to understand because I don’t have that, “Don’t go there”, ‘blinders on’ way of going about my life. I can see who’s doing what and why.

There’s been a host of rampaging archetypes using the human parchment to write their dreadful tales, which are just another series of golden spikes nailed short of the mark. From Kubla Khan to Mao and from Tamerlane to Stalin, the names have come and gone but those who mint the coins and own the mines have their wide shovels going all the time and it’s got to be some kind of looping video game because there’s never enough.

The monkey will push the cocaine button over and over until it jumpstarts Dick Cheney’s heart in Frankenstein’s castle and there’s more to a title than a book might imply. In whatever fashion we may be finding ourselves on these seeded hills of destiny, we need to understand that the destiny is woven into the seams.

Real magic isn’t artifice. It is focus. Whether it is the lens of a camera or the mind, it’s the same thing and surfing the beaches of Armageddon only puts it on display. We’ve been running this game for centuries and centuries and now the time has come. The game… as it is, cannot be played anymore. The system is breaking because the system doesn’t work. It’s an endless road of domino Band Aids. Eventually, all that motion is going to give the itch friction to the chemicals in the product and start a fire in the wounds. That’s how it happens. Yeah, cauterize me baby…

You are in the driver’s seat. You can be Lt. Col. Kilgore. You can be Kilgore Trout or you can be yourself, that’s up to you. You are going to have to drive through some parts of Idiocracy to get out of this mare’s nest but most of you won’t be reading this and most of you will be busy doing or ignoring the things I am writing about so I’ll just stick with the present audience.

The world is about to have an Elvis Presley moment. You know how it is when your leg starts shaking and you can’t do anything about it? Son, it’s that rock and roll that has done gone and gotten into your bloodstream and there ain’t nothing no doctor hereabouts can do much for. It will do you good to see what happens when you get out of control. I’d like to say I’m glad your sainted mother isn’t watching you now but point in fact she is. Look at him go! Blasting the landscape of existence into screaming, burning shreds of confetti in the name of free enterprise. Hunting them wolves in dark places. Making themselves into gods, as they like to think it and they never heard of Ragnarok? All in good time, my son. All in good time.

Well, Gen. McChrystal is not Al Swearengen and Secretary Gates is not Doc Cochran but Afghanistan is definitely Deadwood and the economy has got to be E.B. Farnum and the Yemeni thing is on the wing.

Gerald Celente is an interesting guy and he makes a point about ‘con’fidence …and fantasy markets while he points to the real unemployment figures and how people are not buying. Let me take that a step further and say the dream is dying. In other words, the essential thrust of the world’s force to produce, is dissipating into cotton candy and burning confetti that looks a lot like pasta. Bon apetit. .. or is that too French?

It’s more than passing weird that after all the blanketing bad press; the Russians turn out to be the good guys. Inside my mind the concept of good and bad guys may be different from other minds. I take people for what they are to themselves, usually… still… using that kind of math… it’s no wonder Mother Shipton is making an appearance in my life, all of a sudden …and I’m sitting here with coiling Celentes and Time Monks with an Edgar Cayce on the side, hold the five easy pieces and let’s have lunch with some rich men talking about world hunger.
This should prove to be a bang up Halloween. H1N1 costumes are definitely going to outnumber the R2D2’s. We’re sure to have quite a few real ghosts and goblins, vampires and werewolves and speaking of the latter… I just wonder who is going to carry all of the Gold Man’s sacks down into the nuclear vault shelter, tanning bed? Will there be real life Blackwater action figures standing at the door, with 50mm machine guns in one hand and a snarling three=headed dog at the gates. “Cerberus to the white courtesy phone.”

As they say, “The die is set”, then again, the die is cast so we’ll just have to think about whether we want to be the people making money off of the predictions; the people causing the predictions, the people reacting to the predictions or the people who are watching and waiting. Are you getting lean and hungry out there yet, …”yon Cassius”?

You might well imagine that there are quite some number of people who are not sleeping easy these nights because, after all, the joker is wild. It reminds me a little of the meditators who think bouncing on pricy cushions is levitating and also that women I saw on Maui who was hosting a fire-walking seminar and talking about how doing it would free you of all kinds of physical restrictions but she had bronchitis and it looked to me like a bit if a hard sell; not that the usual yokels were not lining up… because they were. It’s a pity that visible called attention to it. It sort of ruined the mood. Visible was generally persona non grata around the new age set.

It reduces, when it isn’t reductio ad absurdum, to values and intentions. You are defined by what you are after and you are what you do. As it so happens this is being pointed out now with an increasing regularity because, as I said, the joker is wild and I think he cut a deal with the broomsticks in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice so I don’t know if it’s going to be ‘divide and conquer’, or ‘multiply and swarm’. I just know it’s not predictable when you have the dice in your hands.

Whether you want to think of it as literal or metaphorical, I suggest if you should happen to enter any large forums or arenas that you check to see whether or not someone has chain-locked the fire-doors.

That dog won’t surf.

Tale end transmission


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