My Life With Jews

by Angelo — ( April 23, 2015

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I have been studying Illuminati Jewish world domination for years. I have watched them destroy my country with their death grip on our money and media and government and military and just about everything else.
I was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. In my neighborhood, I was the ONLY gentile growing up…so I do not hate all Jews like some people. I hate Zionism and government psychopaths like Bibi Netanyahu and Wolfowitz and Perle and other scumbags like Larry Silverstein and Mike Chertoff. All one needs to do is understand exactly what they did on 9/11.
The average Jew is OK by me. I know many. My first wife was Jewish. I worked for a Jew for 25 years. We are best friends to this day….so not all are bad. I am not a born Jew-hater. It is just that their agenda is clear to me and that is to dominate and control the world by any means possible while the Talmud talks about enslaving or killing non-Jews. I want no part of that.
I also feel they are over represented in too many key aspects of our society (money, media, entertainment, most industries, major corporations, Hollywood and even Disney). They seem to control everything but are less than 2% of our population….no good. We will be paying a huge price for allowing this to happen.


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