The Eckhart Tolle Booth on the Road to Somewhere

Well… first off, I have been having people talking to me about Eckhart Tolle, off and on for a couple of years now. I’ve read some of his work and been left stone cold because he sounds like, “Cliff Notes for the Divine”; a sort of dumbed sideways (neither up nor down) “Chicken Soup for Something or Other”… rehashing things I have heard far more eloquently put by others who have been generally ignored due to not having a press agent. Ten people can say the same thing and hundreds of them do but ‘the ringing of the gong within’ is not given to the hundreds and money cannot enter in.

When the avatar comes this time he is coming in the collective human heart because that is the seat of judgment and this is the time of that purpose. Tolle, like so many of these wunderkind like, should I mention Andrew Cohen, or any of the Rajneesh offspring or any of those white linen suit guys with the “I’m okay and you’re okay” and “the silence between your thoughts is more important than your thoughts” all makes me think of Louise Hays who understood every human discomfort and disease to the point that she laid out the source of it but couldn’t heal her own on the way to a publishing empire of people dressed in robes who claim to channel the one and also have special cards for each day of the year so you can always be up on it and there’s a special on scented candles..

I would be remiss in my duty if I let this go by. The real lightworkers are invisible because they are selfless and working alongside you like Babaji does when he appears now and then. I trust no proclaimed light worker who does not give nearly all of the money (and themselves) away and they don’t write books with title like, “Stillness Speaks” that sounds too much like, “The Knee of Listening” from another fraud I know about. But with me, ‘the eyes’ have it. I watch the eyes, the hand gestures and I watch the aura and it’s not like there isn’t plenty of youtube to go by. Jesus Christ… watch one of them. You have a search engine? And check out the Outer Space, half Mormon, half Elvis (without the rock and roll) getup and the simpering and cloying “I’m falling to sleep now” delivery. What the heck, watch some of it. It’s the same sit down, stand-up comedian I’ve seen on every new age circuit and it’s lame. It’s lame and lacking vitality. Or am I wrong”?

It sounds like some just add water dehydrated, freeze pack enlightenment for soccer moms. It sounds like bullshit chasing its own tale. Study just this one video… watch the speaking, the words, the gestures and most importantly… watch it double back on itself over and over as it massages the attention into torpor.

As I said, I could be wrong but if I am then I am very wrong. Do you think people paid to get in to hear this? Does he address what is happening? Does he talk about 9/11? What has he said about the circumstances of the time? All of these new age speakers avoid these questions because the money stops if they say anything. People… watch for what doesn’t happen and doesn’t get said. Someone please tell me what this man’s template is. Tell me who is in charge above and below according to him. Is there no above and no below? Is it something like the film, “Jacob’s Ladder”? Is it something like, “The Man From Earth”? Is it all just a lot of space between the thoughts which used to mean, “Spaced out”? Someone tell me where the kind of people who are listening to him are going to wind up.

What is the modality ‘after’ you stay in the present and whose present are we talking about? If California is burning to the ground- and it is going to, just wait and see what happens to LA… if California is burning do you just stay in the present? Would you follow this man into the desert? Does this man exude the quiet power of… say, this man? Does he have the presence of this man? OR maybe this man? What about this woman? What about this guy? Let’s see what I can come up with.

I am perplexed because I get a bad feeling about this guy Tolle and people who come here and read here are recommending him to me and I do not care for his delivery or his presence. He feels like some kind of ‘jumped out of the woodwork’ guy and that tone of speech that doesn’t ever arrive anywhere mystifies me.

Look, I’m a flawed person and I shouldn’t even be teaching people to play Backgammon or Bolle (rhymes with Tolle). Still… I feel it is my duty to speak out because I smell a snow job only it’s not snow.

I’m going to have a lot of money one day soon. I sure wish I could sign a paper agreeing to pay four million back personally or more from my estate so that I can buy a place where people can come and live and not have me be in charge but where’s the faith? And I know there are people out there with that kind of coin who risk it on much less trustworthy adventures but money doesn’t want to get near me because I talk about 9/11 and Israel. I talk about things I see coming and I saw them a long time ago and they keep coming don’t they? Does Eckhart have a get out of Armageddon free card? Sure, it’s going to work out but it’s going to go through some rough country. Is Eckhart going to be there to hold their hands? I keep looking for the point. I keep looking for what it is that you wind up being once you follow his instructions that have no destination.

Look, I don’t get the Dali Lama either so… I trust what’s inside of me and what’s inside of you and I don’t trust anything else. These are the very times we were warned about. Here is a reasonable question,; what force or persons is behind this appearing out of the blue and becoming world wide? The commentary of this man is simplistic and convoluted without closure and yet… he’s an oracle all of a sudden. If you knew how many times I got taken to the cleaners so that I now have to walk around naked all the time then you might understand how I got to where you can’t bullshit me, flatter me or make me believe I’m anything more than just one of you.

I see all the nice things people say about me and I haven’t found anywhere on the internet where people are saying the same things about anyone. That and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee and I know it. It’s not like I don’t appreciate it or that it doesn’t motivate me to try harder, it does. I realize too that this pisses some people off and I feel for them because I know what its like to be the Crown of Creation and not have anyone notice because they’re too busy praising some guy who can string words together. But it’s more than the words isn’t it? I know why it is and that’s why no credit should accrue to me.

I give away everything I have all the time. My home is open to all of you as is my larder. Whatever I get, I am going to give away, as I always have, and when the time comes when I am more high profile which is not too long from now as I understand, I am going to do what I keep expecting all of these other people to do and which they NEVER FUCKING DO and you’ll see it when it happens.

I’m not in competition with Tolle or anyone else and I don’t resent the easy fame or the magical pervasiveness because only one thing really pervades and we’re just faucets when you get down to it. It’s all water and the only thing that differentiates any of the water is the clarity of the fluid. I just want you to pay attention. I ask nothing more than that you pay attention and ask the right questions.

There is a major deception on the way and it’s not the usual deceptions of which we are all familiar. It’s the deception that appears to be the answer to the deceptions when Push and Shove get all Siamese in surround sound. The greatest deception is the one that fortuitously manifests in the hour of greatest need. It’s the Slim Shady bolthole that leads into a brick wall. It’s the promise of deliverance from the original bondage meister. It’s that cutting a deal thing when you don’t have a moment to think about it. It’s the “let it all flow” thing that runs right into the abyss. It’s “the man who squats behind the man who works the soft machine”.

So, like I said, maybe I’m wrong and this is your chance to tell me about it and maybe I’ll learn something or have an epiphany. Help me understand what I seem to not be getting. My reaction to this guy and nearly all of the rest of them is wariness. I feel like I got to watch the rocks across the icy stream. I feel like the guy with three matches in the Jack London story. I feel like I just don’t get it. Maybe you can clear this up for me. Please be gentle… or not.

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